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A folding electric wheelchair offers considerably improved quality and features compared to manual wheelchairs. It’s no secret that injuries or old age can limit an individual’s mobility. Having a wheelchair foldable through automized means can give its users freedom and comfort while minimizing their condition's adverse effects. 

However, not every automatically collapsible wheelchair shares the same qualities. Some model’s features might sound good on paper but turn out to be incompatible with your preferences and needs. This article will cover the characteristics of the best models for these devices. We invite you to read further to learn more about this topic. 


Qualities of The Best Auto Folding Electric Wheelchair 

Not all electric wheelchairs are the same. Some models might promise one thing but not deliver on it. Customers should look for these inconsistencies before purchasing any automatically collapsible wheelchair. However, if one does not know what to look for, they might be at a loss on where to start. Fortunately, this section will help customers decide on the best qualities for these devices. 

Here are the qualities you can only find from the best auto folding electric wheelchair models: 

  • Portable 

The primary reason we get our loved ones wheelchairs is to allow them to move around freely. One crucial part of this freedom of movement is the freedom to tag along with the whole family for long-distance trips. An excellent folding wheelchair should be easy to fold yet sturdy enough for uneven terrain and different body types. Furthermore, a suitable wheelchair shouldn’t leave you asking how to fold a wheelchair but just make this task easier for you. 

  • Reliable Tires

A wheelchair’s tires are arguably the most essential part of these devices. Tires practically bear the brunt of the whole structure, including the weight of wheelchair users. That said, these parts should be sturdy and able to handle different terrains, not just smooth ones. Fortunately, the best folding wheelchairs have reliable tires that can manage all the factors mentioned earlier. You can usually tell if a wheelchair’s tires are sturdy by looking at them, but sometimes, further inspection is needed. Ensure you’re getting only the best by looking at these aspects carefully. 

  • Charging Time

As loved ones of wheelchair users or users ourselves, we should also check the charging time of these devices. We choose electric wheelchairs over manual ones because of their ease of traversal. However, this ease can only be experienced with fully charged batteries. This factor is why you should always check whether your auto-folding electric wheelchair can be charged quickly. 

  • Quality-of-Life Additions 

Quality-of-life additions are features that go beyond the normal functions of any device. However, the beauty of these additions lies in what they add to the table. An excellent electric wheelchair with waterproof materials, advanced controls, lighter weight, and a customizable design might appeal to people looking for a specific model. These features separate an ordinary electric wheelchair from an excellent one. 

  • Heavy-Duty Capabilities 

One unfortunate effect of being immobile is gaining weight. Since injured or elderly individuals have limited movement, gaining weight is inevitable. An excellent electric wheelchair should be able to consider this change and accommodate heavier individuals. While having a sturdy frame aids in accomplishing this task, it’s still a good idea to check each model’s specifications. Fortunately, businesses like Endurewellness have customer support to help you pick the perfect electric wheelchair


The Best Auto Folding Electric Wheelchair: A Look at The Comfygo Majestic IQ-7000 

A brown Comfygo Majestic IQ-7000


While businesses like Endurewellness have various electric wheelchair models in their collection, you can stop looking at other models if you see that a Comfygo Majestic IQ-7000 is available. Aside from being airline and cruise-approved, this model has features that perfectly balance comfort and functionality. Other models may specialize in one thing but lack in different aspects, but the Majestic IQ-7000 is an all-around portable electric wheelchair model. 

Portability and Maneuverability

Everyone wants to have their loved ones with them for long trips via land, sea, or air. The Majestic IQ-7000 will not give you any problems regarding packing since it is an auto-folding model. Additionally, this model is light, making carrying the folded frame a breeze when loading into the car or other compartments. As for maneuverability, you can enjoy total freedom because of the 360-degree joystick. With this model, you are not limited to four axes, making moving around easier. 

Durable Yet Comfortable

Sometimes, comfort gets sacrificed to make way for durability. Sturdy frames used to be built for function rather than for comfort. However, the Majestic IQ-7000 perfectly balances those two factors. With a frame that can support up to 350 pounds, this model still has a sleek and comfortable design.

Perfect Travel Companion

Aside from the 350-pound weight capacity, the Majestic IQ-7000 can get you up to 13 miles on a single charge, making it the perfect travel companion. The 12AH lithium-ion battery also means that charging is quick and optimized, allowing you to spend less time charging and more time exploring. 

Customization Options

Thanks to the various customisation options, the Majestic IQ-7000 allows you to travel in style. You can choose models with a black or silver frame and different cushion color options to match those frames. Additionally, Endurewellness offers optional accessories, like phone holders, cup holders, and LED lights, to make your device as comfortable and personalized as possible. 


Choose Endurewellness for the Best Auto Folding Electric Wheelchair Model

Having limited mobility doesn’t mean giving up the activities you used to enjoy. While there will be a slight difference in your method of moving around, the fact that you can still move around freely is more important. This freedom of movement is what collapsible wheelchairs allow their users to experience, and regarding the model, you can do no wrong with the Comfygo Majestic IQ-7000. 

Choose Endurewellness for the best auto folding electric wheelchair model. We ensure that every model we offer is only of the highest quality, and this commitment is demonstrated by the model we discussed earlier. If you want to learn more about this topic, please contact us today. Let Endurewellness be your partner in finding the best medical equipment for you or your business. 

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