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Oxygen plays a crucial role in just about everything that we do. However, you can appreciate oxygen’s role in recovery. The best portable oxygen concentrator has a challenging task ahead of it since it should perfectly balance portability and function. Oxygen concentrators convert the atmosphere’s oxygen and give its users a more concentrated form. Aside from helping people with breathing problems, this device is also perfect for managing oxygen levels in the blood. 

Our atmosphere has roughly around 21% oxygen. While this amount might seem like a lot already, people with low oxygen levels in their blood require a higher oxygen concentration than that. The role of portable oxygen concentrators then becomes devices that provide a higher oxygen concentration on the go. This article covers crucial things you need to know about these devices. We invite you to read further to learn more about this topic. 


What is a Portable Oxygen Concentrator? 

As briefly mentioned earlier, a portable oxygen concentrator is a small device that delivers a high oxygen concentration into your system. Certain conditions can restrict individuals from getting enough oxygen into their system. The best portable oxygen concentrator can help give these people a high oxygen concentration, addressing various issues along the way. 

A portable oxygen concentrator essentially takes atmospheric oxygen and converts it to produce oxygen in its purest form. As discussed earlier, our atmosphere is comprised of 21% oxygen, and a vast majority of the remaining gas is nitrogen. A small oxygen machine filters the remaining nitrogen and tries to produce about 95% pure oxygen. Since oxygen plays a huge role in recovery and overall well-being, you enjoy it thanks to these machines. 


Benefits of Using Portable Oxygen Concentrators

With a rising interest in the therapeutic effects of oxygen therapy, devices like portable oxygen concentrators are also gaining popularity. The best portable oxygen concentrator gives you the oxygen therapy experience but is packaged in a small, portable design. However, these benefits are just some of the advantages of having this machine. Below is a deep dive into other advantages of owning these fantastic devices. 

  • Better Sleep Quality

People with breathing problems sometimes can’t achieve a good night’s rest. Sleeping is challenging if you can’t relax because you’re constantly gasping for ample oxygen. A mobile oxygen machine offers a solution to this problem by continually supplying its users with ample oxygen. When you breathe effortlessly, your body can relax much quicker, thus allowing you to sleep faster and longer. 

  • Sharper Brain Functions

If the oxygen levels in your blood are low, it could affect your cognitive functions. Our brains need oxygen to function correctly, so having a machine that counteracts the effects of low oxygen levels in the blood dramatically helps. Imagine getting the calming effects of breathing meditation, only it’s more constant, and you get the picture of what the best portable oxygen concentrator can do. 

  • Small and Portable

One of the selling points of portable oxygen concentrators is their size and portability. With other oxygen machines, you have to worry about where to put them and the fact that they can be hazardous. However, when you get a small oxygen concentrator, you have a device you can put anywhere and, most importantly, take anywhere. Thanks to these devices, you don’t have to worry about running out of breath while going for a stroll. 

  • Increased Energy

When your system receives enough oxygen, areas like your muscles and nerve endings also feel livelier. Since your system is getting enough oxygen, areas that didn’t receive enough oxygen before because of a condition or a sedentary lifestyle will receive it again. These things are all possible if you have the best portable oxygen concentrator. Additionally, you can bring these devices when you go out, giving you a fresh oxygen supply while doing physically demanding tasks. 

  • Enhances Overall Well-Being

The benefits discussed earlier all point to the most crucial effect of owning a portable air concentrator: enhanced overall well-being. If certain conditions prevent you from going outside or doing other activities, the energy you get from using these devices will allow you to do them again. Additionally, since these devices are portable, you can bring them outside. This portability will allow you to get the oxygen your body needs while enjoying the outdoors. 


The Best Portable Oxygen Concentrator: A Look at Oxygo’s Outstanding Models

A portable oxygen concentrator must have well-balanced features to be considered the best. Being a small device means it needs to be highly portable, but its features must also be top-notch. Luckily, businesses like Endurewellness offer high-quality portable oxygen concentrators. Today, we will look at Oxygo’s products and see which one should be called the best portable oxygen concentrator. 

Here are the fantastic Oxygo portable oxygen concentrator models from Endurewellness: 

  • Oxygo Fit Portable Oxygen Concentrator 

The Oxygo Fit Portable Oxygen Concentrator in a black bag


The Oxygo Fit Portable Oxygen Concentrator takes pride in its small size and weight. With a 2.8-pound weight and 5-hour battery life, this model is perfect for people on the go. Another quality-of-life addition is its ability to connect to an app via Bluetooth. Regarding oxygen purity, you can expect 90% pure oxygen from this device, giving you almost 4x the atmosphere’s oxygen. 


This model also gives you multiple battery configurations. Here are the options regarding battery configurations: 


  • 4 Cell Battery (BATTERY LIFE: Up to 2.7 hours)
  • 8 Cell Battery (BATTERY LIFE: Up to 5.0 hours)
  • Two 4 Cell Batteries (BATTERY LIFE: Up to 5.4 hours)
  • 4 Cell Battery & 8 Cell Battery (BATTERY LIFE: Up to 7.7 hours)
  • Two 8 Cell Batteries (BATTERY LIFE: Up to 10 hours)


  • Oxygo Next Portable Oxygen Concentrator

Oxygo Next Portable Oxygen Concentrator on a bench


The Oxygo Next Portable Oxygen Concentrator kicks things up a notch by offering battery options that far exceed the regular battery life for these devices. You can comfortably carry this oxygen concentrator in a bag while you enjoy daily activities. At 38 decibels, this model’s operating noise isn’t as intrusive, meaning you can use it overnight. This model also produces 90% pure oxygen and can be accessed via an app via Bluetooth. 

Here are the battery configurations you can choose for this model: 

  • 8 Cell Battery (BATTERY LIFE: Up to 6.5 hours)
  • 16 Cell Battery (BATTERY LIFE: Up to 13 hours)
  • Two 8 Cell Batteries (BATTERY LIFE: Up to 13 hours)
  • 8 & 16 Cell Battery (BATTERY LIFE: Up to 19.5 hours)
  • Two 16 Cell Batteries (BATTERY LIFE: Up to 26 hours)


Choose Endurewellness for the Best Portable Oxygen Concentrator

Portable oxygen concentrators allow users to enjoy activities without worrying about shortness of breath or other conditions that target oxygen levels. Some people might find it hard to constantly go to a clinic to experience oxygen therapy. Others might prefer different sizes of other machines that are used for oxygen therapy. A small oxygen machine solves these problems by giving you an oxygen supply on the go. 

Endurewellness has the best portable oxygen concentrator. We are confident that whatever Oxygo model you choose will be a high-quality portable oxygen device. Additionally, we have other similar devices in our collection that are equally as amazing. If you want to learn more about our products, we invite you to contact us today

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