A green adjustable medical bed in a reclined position.

Medical or hospital beds are not like ordinary beds. These items have quality-of-life improvements that make things easier for its users. From getting up and lying down to easy-to-remove handrails, every feature in these hospital beds is designed to help the caretaker and their users. While these features are already excellent, the best medical beds for home use go above and beyond what’s expected of them. 

Features like an excellent medical mattress, sturdy design, and control responsiveness make the best medical beds stand out. Since these beds are generally made for the elderly or injured family members, low-quality features or materials should not exist. This article covers crucial things you need to know about medical beds. We invite you to read further to learn more about this topic. 


What is a Medical Bed? 

Hospital beds, especially medical beds for home use, are designed to help people with limited mobility. These beds are typically equipped with different features that make getting in and out of bed easier. These features make things easier for the person caring for the injured or elderly family member. Some of these features include settings for a seated orientation, making it easier for patients to stand up and a high-quality medical mattress. 

These medical beds are designed to give patients the hospital bed experience at home. They're also perfect for care homes or clinics since they’re a step above the usual beds for these businesses. It can be challenging to assist a patient who wants to stand up from a lying position, so having beds that recline or can be oriented in a seated position is essential. 


Benefits of Having Medical Beds for Home Use

Injured or elderly family members can significantly benefit from being cared for at home. Aside from being more comfortable, they’re in the company of their loved ones, so you know they’re at ease. However, having a hospital bed for home is the best method to provide care for your loved ones since their features are all geared towards top-notch home care. 

Here are the benefits of having these fantastic beds for home use: 

  • Easy to Use

Medical beds are known for having functions that are easy to understand and operate. Some models have remote controls that allow patients to adjust each aspect of their beds to their liking. Compare these features to standard beds, and you have no competition. With medical beds, everything you want to adjust is one button press away. 

  • Various Positioning Options

Medical beds offer different positioning options. They have adjustable head and foot areas and can be configured into seated or reclined positions. It’s no secret that lying down for an extended period can cause discomfort. Having medical beds at home gives your loved ones multiple options in how they want to rest. These configurations also give your loved ones independence since they require little to no assistance changing them. 

  • Easier for the Caretaker

Medical beds relieve the caretaker of pressure since these beds already handle the heavy lifting. With standard beds, caretakers handle simple tasks such as helping loved ones stand up and lie down. Additionally, caring for someone using standard beds might put the caretakers at risk because of the physical exertion required. Medical beds for home use are packed with features that will help the patients and their caretakers. 

  • Maximum Protection

Every inch of a medical bed is designed to keep the users and caretakers safe. The most noticeable feature of these devices is the lack of sharp edges. Most bed-related accidents involve sharp edges, so eliminating these things is a small but crucial addition. Additionally, caretakers who help patients stand up are safe, especially if their patient requires physical effort to help stand up. With these features, caretakers won’t have to worry about scraping into something sharp, making their tasks more manageable. 


The Best and Comfortable Medical Beds for Home Use

As discussed earlier, medical beds that perfectly balance comfort and safety are ideal for your loved ones. While many businesses offer different hospital beds for home use, some models don’t have enough features to make them stand out. Luckily, Endurewellness have high-quality adjustable medical beds

Here is a closer look into two of the best adjustable hospital beds for home from Endurewellness: 


  • Journey UPbed Standard Sleep To Stand Adjustable 4-in-1 Bed

Journey UPbed Standard Sleep To Stand Adjustable 4-in-1 Bed


As its name implies, the Journey UPbed Standard Sleep To Stand Adjustable 4-in-1 Bed has four modes. You can configure this medical bed as a standard bed, a sit-up bed, a chair, and a lift bed. These modes mean the patient will have no trouble getting up from lying down and returning to bed. Additionally, this model has a comfortable 6” memory foam, a remote control for different functions, and a design free from potentially dangerous edges. Choose the Journey UPbed Standard to make your transition from sitting down to standing up much more manageable.


  • Journey UPbed Independence 4-in-1 Adjustable Bed

Journey UPbed Independence 4-in-1 Adjustable Bed


The Journey UPbed Independence 4-in-1 Adjustable Bed introduces multiple improvements compared to the Journey UPbed Standard. With this model, you can still enjoy the 4-in-1 function that allows you to pick different modes; however, that’s where the similarities end. The Journey UPbed Independence’s memory mattress is 8 inches thick–two inches thicker than the Standard. Additionally, this model can support up to 500 pounds, making it a significant improvement from the Standard. 


Choose Endurewellness for High-Quality Adjustable Medical Beds for Home Use

The best hospital beds for home use can be the difference between a good and a bad home care experience. For our injured or elderly loved ones, their beds are almost their homes because of their limited mobility. Ensuring these beds are as comfortable and filled with quality-of-life features as possible then becomes our number one goal so we can show our loved ones that we care for them. 

Endurewellness offers top-of-the-line adjustable medical beds for home use. We ensure that every model we have doesn’t just get the job done but gets it done in a stellar fashion. With the models we discussed earlier, we are confident that your needs aren’t just met; they’re surpassed. If you want to learn more about our products or wish to purchase one of the models discussed earlier, feel free to contact us

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