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Our vision is one of the most crucial areas of our bodies. Everything we do is almost always dictated by what we see, so we strive to maintain our vision. We can always rely on eyeglasses to aid in diagnosing the intensity of our eye-grade prescription. But some of us wonder how ophthalmologists come up with these diagnoses. The answer to this question is vision screeners. These devices accurately diagnose an individual’s eye grade to help ophthalmologists give you the perfect prescription glasses. 

Gone are the days when ophthalmologists used manual methods to determine the suitable eyeglasses prescription. With these devices, you get accurate readings every single time. However, deciding on the perfect models with different models and manufacturers can be challenging. This article will discuss the best vision screening equipment and the qualities that make them the best. If you want to learn more about this topic, read further. 


What are Vision Screeners?

Vision screening machines allow medical professionals to determine issues concerning an individual’s vision. These machines use components like infrared lights to see how the human eye reacts and diagnose the overall health of an individual’s eyes through the results. Before the introduction of these devices, eye care professionals used to rely on eye charts, often with mixed results. With these devices, however, medical professionals can produce accurate diagnoses every single time. 

Our eyes can encounter issues like glaucoma, dry eyes, cataracts, and total vision loss. Furthermore, as we age, our eye health also deteriorates, creating the urgency to get our eyes checked when we feel something is wrong. A vision screening equipment allows individuals to obtain an accurate diagnosis regarding their eye health. These devices are easy to use and require little to no patient effort. Simply use the eyepiece and follow the instructions, and you’re good to go. 


The Benefits of Having Vision Screeners for Your Business

Vision loss is a massive blow to any individual. Having to deal with losing one of the faculties that is part of your daily life is a harrowing thought. Fortunately, this can be prevented by recognizing early signs of eye conditions and going to clinics. Eye clinics or hospitals can significantly benefit from these devices, primarily if they still use eye charts or other inaccurate methods. 

Here are the benefits of having a vision screening device for your business: 

  • Serves as an Early Warning 

An excellent vision screener can be an early warning against various eye conditions. Sometimes, we experience multiple symptoms and think nothing of them, and only after a closer look can we tell that something is wrong. These devices offer a closer and more in-depth look into these symptoms. For doctors and business owners, having these devices for your business can be the difference between saving someone or misdiagnosing them. 

  • Raises Awareness Regarding Eye Health 

Sometimes, we tend to take something we use every day for granted. This case is especially true regarding our eyes since it can take a long time to deteriorate. However, when going to a clinic at the onset of symptoms, vision screening can educate individuals about what or what not to do to prolong their eye health. 

  • Easier Compared to Traditional Methods

Vision screening used to involve eye sheets with letters of varying sizes to determine the condition of an individual’s eyes. While this method managed to get results, these results might be inaccurate. Furthermore, you need advanced technology to pinpoint a specific eye problem, one that eye sheets don’t have. Vision screeners have advanced technology that studies refractions and other eye movements to produce highly accurate diagnoses. 

  • Quick Results 

Whether diagnosing prescription lenses or determining various eye issues, having a vision screening device yields fast results. Aside from the speed of these results, you can also rest assured that they are accurate. There’s nothing better than immediately knowing what your condition is or might be since you can get treatment for it as soon as possible. 


The Best Vision Screeners for Businesses

A vision screener for your business puts your clinic or hospital at the forefront of healthcare. It’s no secret that companies with technologically advanced equipment have a leg up in the competition. Getting only the best vision screening devices will allow you to compete with or become one of the best. Fortunately, businesses like Endurewellness offer powerful and industry-leading vision screeners

Here’s a closer look into these fantastic models from Endurewellness: 

  • Titmus V2 Vision Screener

Titmus V2 Vision Screener modell


The Titmus V2 Vision Screener takes pride in accuracy while maintaining an easy-to-use design. This device has sixteen different programs and tests to pinpoint your eye issue. These tests include near and far vision, depth and color perception, and binocular vision. Additionally, the frame of this device is comfortable and unobtrusive. This device also has built-in manual membrane switches to help medical professionals switch the slides while testing. If you want portable and versatile vision screening equipment, the Titmus V2 is your best bet. 

  • Titmus V4 Vision Screener

Titmus V4 Vision Screener model


Like the Titmus V2, the Titmus V4 Vision Screener comes with sixteen tests, giving you flexibility on which eye problem you want to diagnose. Both models also meet the CE, UL, and CSE standards, ensuring you get only the best eye care. The V2 and V4 also have different model options, allowing you to choose occupational, professional, pediatric, aeromedical, and school models. 


Choose Endurewellness for the Best Vision Screeners for Businesses or Schools

Getting a diagnosis for various eye issue symptoms allows people to remain ahead of the curve. While time is unbeatable and will eventually get the better of us, we can take preventative measures to prolong the use of our faculties. The devices discussed above ensure you get the best treatment on time. 

Endurewellness is your go-to business for the best vision screeners. We ensure that every piece of equipment we offer is of the highest quality. With the models discussed earlier, you can rest assured that you will have a balanced vision screening experience. If you want to learn more about these products or other medical equipment, we invite you to contact us today

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