True North Outdoor Barrel Sauna | Red Cedar, White Cedar, Pine Wood

Length: 6' (183cm)
Wood type: Pine
Porch: With porch
Sale price$4,971.50 USD

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Our saunas are made with the utmost commitment to craftsmanship and quality. Each Barrel Sauna is carefully handcrafted in Ontario, Canada, making these units a true work of art. These saunas are the perfect addition to any home or commercial facility, boasting elegant styling and an atmosphere of luxury.

With a selection of wood types such as red cedar, white cedar, and pine from which to choose, True North Saunas offer a look that fits your home’s décor and your lifestyle.

 Featuring innovative features such as adjustable benches, recessed lighting systems and tempered-glass doors for extra safety, our barrel saunas provide time-honoured comfort combined with cutting-edge features. 

From aged athletes to stressed-out professionals – everyone can experience the many benefits of regular sauna sessions with a True North unit! Enjoy invigorating heat during those cold winter months, or just relax in peace after a long day. 

Our Exceptional Barrel Saunas:

These outdoor saunas have been specially developed for outdoor use in nature. Our Barrel Saunas can withstand any weather and you can choose from different lengths.

We offer our barrels with or without porch 1′ (30 cm) or 2′ (60 cm). Barrel saunas are fully round-shaped. Our Saunas are based on the principle of the traditional Finnish sauna. It’s natural for the body to cleanse itself by sweating. The heat and low humidity ensure general perspiration and deep skin cleansing.

To heat your Barrel Sauna, you can choose from various heaters, including the highly appreciated Finnish Harvia heaters.

Available Heater Types: You can choose a wood stove or an electric.

Available Wood Types: Red Cedar, White Cedar and Pine Wood.

    Health Benefits Of Barrel Saunas:

    • Stress Relief and Mental Health: Barrel saunas offer relaxation and stress relief, contributing to improved mental well-being.
    • Respiratory Support: They can aid in easing respiratory issues for some individuals.
    • Joint Pain Reduction: Barrel saunas may help reduce joint pain, offering potential relief.
    • Enhanced Cardiovascular Function: Regular use might improve cardiovascular functioning.
    • Muscle Relaxation: Time spent in a barrel sauna often relaxes muscles and promotes overall well-being.
    • Important Note: Always consult a doctor before using a barrel sauna, especially if you have specific health concerns or conditions.

    Note: While no saunas are 100% waterproof, certain measures can be taken to enhance their resistance to water. These steps include the application of two coats of semi-transparent deck stain, as well as applying silicone where the exterior walls intersect with the staves. These efforts can significantly improve your sauna’s ability to repel water.

    Additional information


    6' (183 cm), 8' (240/30 cm), 9' (270/60 cm), 10' (300/60 cm)

    Wood Type

    Pine, White Cedar, Red Cedar


    With Porch, Without Porch

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