A Guide to the Best Power Lift Beds

A Guide to the Best Power Lift Beds and Adjustable Bed Frames

Power lift beds, also known as adjustable beds for seniors or simply adjustable beds, are a source of comfort, peace, and relief to those who have challenges getting in and out of bed. Getting in and out of bed safely is the most critical task, as there are over 8 million falls each year by simply falling out of a bed or chair.

Comfort comes to those who seek durable and long-lasting products without breaking the bank, such as Journey UPbed Standard Sleep To Stand Adjustable Bed Frame and Journey UPbed Independence Twin XL Lifting Bed, recognized as some of the best adjustable beds in the market.

Let's explore the features and specifications offered by these top adjustable beds at Endure Wellness.


Journey UPbed Standard and Journey UPbed Independence Twin XL: Redefining Sleep with Adjustable Mattresses


Journey UPbed Standard and Journey UPbed Independence


The Journey UPbed series epitomizes what adjustable beds should be all about. The seamless transition between sitting and lying down that these beds give its users cannot be overstated. Furthermore, these beds focus on the most essential aspects beds should have: comfort. 

4-in-1 Versatile Design

Both beds offer a 4-in-1 design, serving as a sit-up bed, chair bed, beds that raise, and regular sleep bed. This versatility can benefit various activities and health needs, making it a contender for the best adjustable bed on the market.


UPbeds come with a 6” or 8” (6” for the UPbed Standard, 8” for the UPbed Independence) memory foam adjustable mattress that provides heat-sensitive support and conforms to the body for a comfortable night's rest, often termed the best adjustable mattress. The adjustable bed base can help you sit, lean, and lie down effortlessly by using a remote, which is super easy to operate.

Delivery Times

Journey UPbeds are shipped via freight carrier and require 2-3 weeks before delivery. This information is consistent for both models.

Frame and Motors

These adjustable beds feature a sturdy metal aircraft-grade frame and two independently controlled motors. The motors allow for the bed to be raised and lowered efficiently without much effort.

Price and Value

The Journey UPbed Standard is priced at $2000. Still, in contrast, the Journey UPbed Independence costs $4000, double the standard's price, but justifies its higher cost with added safety features like a motion-sensitive light and an easy-to-use remote. You can also enjoy features like the lift & rotate function and an upgraded mattress.


The Advantages of Choosing The Amazing Journey UPbed Series

In recent comparisons of adjustable beds, the Journey UPbed series was highlighted for its unique combination of comfort and technology. Notably, the beds' ability to assist in various health conditions like back pain and sleep apnea has been well received by users. The inclusion of whisper-quiet motors and customizable positions makes them appealing to a wide range of needs, from senior care to luxurious comfort.

Moreover, industry trends suggest that the demand for beds with technological integrations, such as USB ports and under-bed lighting, is rising. While Journey UPbeds already offer several top-tier features, incorporating these additional amenities could further enhance their appeal and functionality, keeping them at the forefront of the adjustable bed market.

The consumer preference for eco-friendly and sustainable materials in their bedding choices is also worth noting. As such, detailing the sustainable aspects of the UPbeds' materials or production process could resonate well with the environmentally conscious buyer. These advantages set the Journey UPbed series apart from other power lift beds. 


Why Choose Endurewellness for Power Lift Beds?

Choosing us for your comfort needs can be a life-changing decision. Our power lift beds offer the latest technology and transitions between sitting, sleeping, and standing positions. We focus on durability, reliability, and, significantly, customer satisfaction. We want you to experience these amazing reclining beds split king beds, and enjoy life.

Whether you want to go for the UPbed Standard or the Journey UPbed Independence, we at Endurewellness ensure the quality of these products. We understand how helpful these power lift beds are, and with the Journey UPbed series, we are confident that these are some of the best power lift beds you can get. 

You can also take your pick from our fantastic line of adjustable beds. We at Endurewellness understand the importance of having multiple options, exemplified by the wide variety of adjustable beds we offer. Aside from the revolutionary Journey UPbed series, you can also choose the Ergosportive Smart and Journey Perfect Sleep series. There’s also the Power Rotating Healthcare Bed and the Dawn House Adjustable Home Bed, offering additional options to an already astounding list of adjustable bed choices. 


Final Words

Power lift beds make the transition from lying down to sitting and standing up more effortless. As we age, our bodies show the wear and tear of everyday life, making menial tasks such as sitting or lying down a considerable chore. Luckily, the revolutionary Journey UPbed Standard and Journey UPbed Independence make things significantly more manageable. 

Both beds share similar features and benefits, but the Journey UPbed Independence model offers added safety features and a specific size designation. The choice between the two depends on individual preferences, budget, and the importance of the safety provided by the "Independence" bed lift.

Whatever your choice is between the two, Endurewellness has you covered. We also feature a wide range of medical equipment, making things much easier for patients and caretakers. If you would like more information about The Journey UPbeds or any home beds, please contact us today. 

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