Mobility Scooters and wheelchairs

1: Comfygo Majestic IQ-7000 Remote Controlled Electric Wheelchair (19″ Wide Seat)

The MAJESTIC IQ-7000 wheelchair is a beautifully designed folding electric wheelchair for travel. This transport motorized wheelchair is lightweight, airline friendly, and is available with an Automatic Folding option. 

This is a sturdy wheelchair and features a weight capacity limit of up to 350 lbs. with a top speed of 4 mph. The IQ-7000 is available in five frame colors with four optional textile colors that allow you to customize the color of your wheelchair fully.

 The 12AH lithium-ion battery powers two 250W brushless DC motors that deliver a range of up to 13 miles. 

2: Comfygo Majestic IQ-9000 Long Range Electric Wheelchair With Recline

The MAJESTIC IQ-9000 wheelchair is an innovative, designed travel folding long-range (up to 19 miles) electric wheelchair. This motorized wheelchair is lightweight, airline friendly, and easy to fold. This wheelchair reclines, adding additional comfort for the user. 

3: Journey Zinger Power Folding Wheelchair With Two-Handed Control

A lightweight power mobility chair with two-handed throttle steering. Turns on a dime, works indoors and out and weighs just 47 lbs. Comes with a convenient travel basket.

Unique and fun-dual lever steering

  • The Journey Zinger is not a scooter or a power chair; it is a personal electronic vehicle 
  • Dual-lever driving (as with a zero-turn lawn mower) is ultra responsive and nimble 
  • Three speed settings: 0-1 mph/0-3 mph/0-6 mph; and Reverse: 0-1 mph 
  • The 24" turning radius allows turns on a dime, 50% smaller turning radius than other chairs 
  • Drives on almost any surface, indoors or out, including grass, dirt and small gravel

4: Journey Zoomer Lite Power Folding Chair With One-Handed Control

The Journey Zoomer Lite is just like our Zoomer™ Chair, but the parts are removable to make the chair much easier to transport, with the heaviest part less than 27 lbs. 

It is a power chair that puts mobility at your fingertips with its easy one-handed control. And, just like the Zoomer Chair, the Zoomer Lite works indoors and out to help you go almost anywhere your heart desires. 

Metro Mobility Patriot 4-Wheel Mobility Scooter

Additional feature of Patriot 4-wheel mobility scooter includes:

  • USB Charger Port
  • Easy Charging Port
  • Two Cup Holders
  • 9″x3″ Aluminum wheel hub with pneumatic tyre
  • Wind board
  • Directional lights, front and rear LED
  • Adjustable Tiller
  • High Performance Motor

6: Tzora Titan 4 wheel Electric Mobility Scooter

The Tzora titan 4 is a scooter with high performance 4 wheel scooter with a weight capacity of 300lbs 

Newly designed, ergonomic, portable & foldable, indoor & outdoor electric scooter! The Titan provides a unique combination of performance, comfort and portability. Experience its speed, comfort ride suspension and ease of transport.

Allows you to keep an independent, spontaneous and active life.

Foldable and detachable in seconds without effort or bending!

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