Do you want to get rid of heavy and overweight electric wheelchairs? well, lightweight carbon fiber electric wheelchairs are designed for people with physical disabilities, providing them with independence and improved quality of life. 

Carbon fiber is the latest advancement in the world of electric wheelchairs that are super lightweight and consist of multiple features for your ease while you travel on airplanes or in the car. Let’s explore the best electric wheelchairs for your unique needs and preferences. 

Journey Air Lightweight Powered Chair

Accommodates Variety of Sizes

Journey Air accommodates a wide variety of sizes and weights. It supports a weight of up to 240 lbs i.e. obese people can also utilize this electric wheelchair. 

Less Spacious

Carbon fiber wheelchair requires very little space when it’s folded. When placed in the home, can be kept under the table, and when in an airplane, can fit in baggage. 

Powered Reverse

Journey lightweight features a powered reverse that prevents you from the hassle of fully turning the electric wheelchair.

Non-adjustable Seat and Backrest

This wheelchair is clearly not for people who are restricted to a sitting position. To use this chair you must be able to get in and out of the chair.

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Journey Air Elite Lightweight Powered Chair

Folding power

Journey Air Elite is the world's lightest electric wheelchair that fully accommodates people facing mobility challenges. It has quick folding power with just the pull of the seat handle and goes wherever you want.

10 Mile Range

It has a range of 10 miles on just a single charge with extra battery storage provided. Visit your favorite sightseeing places, dining, friends, and parks during leisure time. 

Electronic Breaks

Say goodbye to the manual breaking system and relax with electronic breaks all the way long on your ride. Get back home relaxed without concern about your legs hurting.  

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Final Words

Carbon fiber electric wheelchairs have transformed millions of lives from worrying about mobility to exploring the world with challenges. That’s how you improve your lifestyle and make it even happier! 

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