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Early models of wheelchairs, while helpful regarding traversal, were quite limited in the surfaces they could traverse. These wheelchairs provide much-needed solutions to this problem by having sturdier materials and features that make going from one terrain to another easier. However, finding the best all terrain wheelchair can still be challenging. While these machines share common qualities, the more pressing question is which model performs better. 

Most of these wheelchair types are powered wheelchairs, meaning the operator doesn’t need to exert too much effort in using them. These wheelchairs also usually have joysticks, offering multi-axis navigation for their users. However, these features barely scratch the surface of what these amazing machines can do. This article will cover things that make a particular electric wheelchair the best. We invite you to read further to learn more about this topic. 

Qualities That Set All Terrain Wheelchairs Apart From Standard Models

Standard or manual wheelchairs have been the most widely used wheelchair type for a long time. However, while they do an excellent job of helping persons with disabilities move from one point to another, they still have significant limitations. It is entirely understandable for a person to settle for manual wheelchairs since they still get the job done. But those looking for freedom of traversal across different terrains can go for an off-road power wheelchair. 

An all terrain wheelchair accomplishes tasks which standard wheelchairs cannot. Freedom is something patients who use wheelchairs have to let go of, but with all-terrain wheelchairs for adults, it becomes an achievable goal. Below are some qualities that set all-terrain wheelchairs apart from other wheelchair types. 

  • Size  - One of the first noticeable qualities of the all-terrain variant is its much larger size. This size is for accommodating various advanced features, like the joystick and other automated features. 
  • Power - Since this wheelchair type is battery-operated, you can expect a lot of power. The first significant upgrade you’ll notice is that you no longer need to roll the wheels manually.
  • Larger wheels - Compared to manual wheelchairs, the all terrain variant has larger wheels. These wheels allow its users to transition from one terrain type to another seamlessly. 
  • Extended designs - An off-road power wheelchair has an extended design to accommodate various features and parts. Furthermore, this design makes the seating comfortable for its users. 

Finding The Best All Terrain Wheelchair 

Finding a powered wheelchair isn’t particularly challenging since every medical equipment company can offer one. However, if you want to purchase the best all terrain wheelchair, that’s when the challenges become more apparent. Companies like Endurewellness offer high-quality electric wheelchairs for adults, making them one of the best places to start when looking for the best wheelchair. 

Here are models from Endurewellness which deserve the title of the best all-terrain wheelchair: 

  • Titan Lightweight Wheelchair Series

Titan Elite Auto Folding Electric Lightweight Wheelchair


The Titan Pro Electric Foldable Wheelchair and the Titan Elite Auto Folding Electric Lightweight Wheelchair share common qualities. However, what sets the Elite Auto Folding Wheelchair apart from the other variant is its auto-folding feature. Outside of that difference, you can enjoy a 600w dual engine from both machines. Additionally, their wheels are ideal for all terrains, and they both have anti-tipping technology, preventing accidents from happening. All that’s left for you to do is choose between the auto-folding and the manually folded variety with this series. 


  • Journey Air Lightweight Series

Journey Air Elite Lightweight Powered Chair


As their name suggests, the Journey Air Lightweight Powered Chair and Journey Air Elite Lightweight Powered Chair boast a much lighter weight than other wheelchairs. One common problem offroad wheelchairs face is the difficulty transporting them because of their weight. These wheelchairs solve that problem by weighing 35 pounds without the battery for the Air Lightweight and 26 pounds without the battery for the Air Elite. You can also enjoy the industry-standard features of this wheelchair type, like anti-tippers and the ease of folding with these models. If you’re looking for wheelchairs you can travel with, choose the Journey wheelchairs. 


  • Comfygo Majestic IQ-7000 Auto Folding Electric Wheelchair

Comfygo Majestic IQ-7000 Auto Folding Electric Wheelchair


One of the most notable features of the Comfygo Majestic IQ7000 Auto Folding Electric Wheelchair is its compatibility with airlines and boat cruises. Additionally, there’s an added quality-of-life auto folding feature to make travelling with it more manageable. With a 500w motor, you can also go 13-17 miles before you run out of battery. The Comfygo Majestic IQ-7000 is one of your best options if you're looking for a perfect travelling companion. 


  • Comfygo Majestic IQ-9000 Long Range Electric Wheelchair With Recliner

Comfygo Majestic IQ-9000 Long Range Electric Wheelchair With Recliner


While the Majestic IQ-7000 already boasts an impressive 13-17 mile range, the Comfygo Majestic IQ-9000 Long Range Electric Wheelchair With Recliner takes things further by having a 19-mile range. While the additional miles might not be much at first glance, it shows its uses when traveling. Much like the 7000 model, the IQ-9000 is airline and cruise-ship-friendly, and with the additional 2 miles you can squeeze out of it, traveling with your loved ones becomes much more manageable. If you like what you see with the IQ-7000, consider upgrading to the IQ-9000 to get the most bang for your buck. 


Final Thoughts

Wheelchairs make things easier for your loved ones, especially regarding traversal. However, with manual wheelchairs, you still have to deal with their limitations, like the inability to transition from one surface to another. Luckily, offroad power wheelchairs take care of these problems by having an overall structure built for various terrains. Additionally, the features of these wheelchairs reinforce their structure and make traversal even quicker. 

Trust Endurewellness to provide you with the best all terrain wheelchair for your particular needs. We ensure that each of our products is of the highest quality, and the five models discussed above are good examples of that. We invite you to contact us if you want to learn more about the best wheelchairs or other medical devices. 


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