Are you looking for the most affordable hearing aids on the market? Endure Wellness has the best hearing aids priced under $700. Isn’t this shocking? Well, these are not only cheap rather they also offer great sound quality. Let’s have a look at the best hearing aids to enhance your hearing experience today:

Otofonix Elite Battery Powered Hearing Aids

The Otofonix Elite is the most affordable hearing aid designed by the audiologist priced at only $395. The price justifies the quality of this hearing aid and restores severe hearing loss. Individuals can get maximum benefit from this device, so let’s have a look at the features it provides:

High-fidelity sound: 

This device features high-fidelity sound to provide high-quality sound with reduced background noise. It cancels any unwanted background noise to enhance sound quality and provides maximum clear sound even if you are in crowded places.

Personalized hearing: 

This hearing aid has four listening programs that range from speech enhancement to treble mode to meet your desired needs and preferences. 

Invisible and lightweight: 

Otofonix Elite is nearly invisible because it has a very light color. Also, when you fit hearing aids in both ear canals, you will feel no weight.

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Otofonix Helix Rechargeable Hearing Aid With Noise Cancellation

Otofonix Helix is a unique yet highly affordable hearing device priced at only $695. It comes with advanced and cutting-edge technological features to boost your hearing experience from minimum to maximum. Let’s explore the features of this ear device:

Advanced noise cancellation:

It’s one of the best devices with a high noise-cancellation feature. It ignores the background noise to ensure the sound is clear and undistorted with improved speech understanding. 

Listening programs: 

Helix features 4 listening programs and 10 volume levels to choose from the ranging options. It will allow you to set the device as per your needs. 

Rechargeable battery: 

Forget about the days you are constantly replacing your batteries because it has a rechargeable battery that gets charged within 2 hours and lasts up to 18 hours. 

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