Different powered toilet lift models from Endurewellness

Simple tasks like walking or sitting down can become a massive chore as we age. Since our bodies aren’t as strong as they used to be, we might find it harder and harder to do tasks that were once effortless. Luckily, devices like powered toilet lifts help us use the toilet more easily. These devices use a power source to help our loved ones or patients sit down or stand up when using the toilet. 

These toilet seat lifters can assume a more comfortable angle with just one press of a button. Because of their angle, toilet seats are notoriously challenging to get into, even at a young age. Imagine how challenging it must be for people with injuries or older people. This article will discuss the best toilet lifters and which models to choose. We invite you to read further to learn more about this topic.


What is a Powered Toilet Lift? 

Powered toilet lifts are automatic lifting devices for your toilet seats. It’s no secret that sitting down or getting up from your toilet seat can be challenging. These devices make those actions easier by reclining at a comfortable angle with just a button press. Additionally, an automatic toilet seat lifter can support up to 300+ pounds. This lifting capability makes powered toilet lifts essential for households with an injured or elderly member. 

Electric Lift vs Battery-Powered Lift

When choosing the best model for these devices, you might be faced with an option between an electric lift and a battery-powered device. As their name suggests, the electric lift can be plugged directly into an outlet, and the battery-powered lift has a battery that can be operated for 30 days before recharging. One advantage of the electric device is undoubtedly eliminating the need to recharge. As for the battery-powered machine, it allows you to take it anywhere you like without having to worry about power outlets. 

Commercial Lift vs Lifts for Home Use

Another choice you have to make regarding these lifts is between commercial lifts and models for home use. One advantage of commercial lifts is their mobility because of the wheels attached to their frames. Since care homes have multiple residents, you can easily transport commercial lifts around the facility. On the other hand, home-use machines can be more durable than their commercial counterparts since they’re typically just allotted to one person within the home. 


The Best Powered Toilet Lifts: A Look into These 3 Fantastic Models

A good toilet seat lifter is almost a necessity if you’re taking care of a family member who is injured or elderly. Alternatively, if you’re running a clinic or a nursing home, you can make things easier for your patients by having one of these machines. Businesses like Endurewellness can help you decide which model to choose based on your preference. 

Here are three amazing powered toilet lift models from Endurewellness: 

  • Dignity Lifts BL1 Toilet Lift Seat

Dignity Lifts BL1 Toilet Lift Seat

The Dignity Lifts BL1 Toilet Lift Seat takes pride in fitting different toilet seat types within the standard 16-18 inch height. Additionally, you, your loved ones, or your patients can sit comfortably because of the 20” gap between the handles. This model also has a weight limit of 300 pounds and a lifting height of 9 inches. This model is battery-operated but can also be plugged into a wall socket, making it a versatile machine. If you’re looking for a well-rounded toilet lifter for home use, the Dignity BL1 model is the one for you. 


  • Dignity Lifts DL1 Deluxe Battery Powered Toilet Lift 

Dignity Lifts DL1 Deluxe Battery Powered Toilet Lift

The Dignity Lifts DL1 Deluxe Battery Powered Toilet Lift gives you options regarding how you want to use it. Much like the BL1 model, the DL1 can be plugged in, or you can rely on the power supply from its rechargeable battery. What sets this model apart from the BL1 is its lift height. The DL1 boasts a lifting height of 14 inches compared to the BL1’s 9. You can also expect a sturdy, stable design that can accommodate up to 300 pounds. If you want the definitive toilet lifter experience, choose the Dignity Lifts DL1. 


  • Dignity Lifts CL1 Commercial Toilet Lift  

Dignity Lifts CL1 Commercial Toilet Lift


Unlike the previous two models, the Dignity Lifts CL1 Commercial Toilet Lift is custom-made for commercial use. One striking feature that sets this model apart from the home-use versions is the inclusion of wheels on its base. This feature allows caregivers to transport the machine from one room to another. Another feature that is exclusive to this model is its weight capacity. This machine can accommodate up to 350 pounds. Lastly, this model is exclusively battery-powered, making it even more mobile than other models. 

How to Choose The Perfect Powered Toilet Lift  Model for Your Needs

Choosing your go-to toilet seat lifter depends on your preference and specific needs. Additionally, you need to consider whether you want a home or commercial machine. Another factor that might sway your decision is whether it’s an electric machine or a battery-powered lift. Luckily, businesses like Endurewellness are here to help you make this decision. 

Endurewellness has a diverse collection of toilet lifts, with models guaranteed to suit your needs. Aside from the amazing Dignity Lifts featured in this article, you can also look at our collection of Throne Buttler lifts, each with similar qualities to the featured products in this article. Whatever your choice, Endurewellness guarantees they will strike the perfect balance between comfort and functionality. 


Choose Endurewellness for High-Quality Powered Toilet Lifts  

Getting in and out of your toilet seat might not seem like a problem when you’re younger. However, as we age, seemingly effortless activities become more challenging. Just as we have walkers, we can also get a toilet seat lift for elderly members of our family. If you are a clinic or caregiving facility, you can also make lives easier for your patients when you get one of these machines. 

Trust Endurewellness for high-quality powered toilet lifts. With collections from the amazing Dignity Lifts and Throne Buttler, we are confident you will find the best model for your needs. We also ensure that every equipment is of the highest quality. Contact us now if you want to learn more about these products or have other medical equipment needs.  

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