Afikim S4 Heavy Duty On And Off Road Mobility Scooter

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This heavy-duty, all-terrain mobility scooter has exceptional stability and comfort on and off the road. Red Dot Award winning design, the spacious and luxurious Afikim S4 mobility scooter is made to maximize the protection and safety of the driver.

The Ultimate Outdoor, Heavy-Duty Mobility Scooter With a Wide Seat

The best 4 wheel mobility scooter with a dual seat. This heavy-duty, all terrain mobility scooter has an extra wide and remarkably comfortable orthopedic seat. The luxurious 22-24” wide seat enables you to ride with a companion or a pet, or simply having that extra space for a bit of added comfort.  Afiscooter S4 wide seat was designed to maximize the protection and safety of the driver andle traversable terrain with exceptional stability and uncompromising comfort, for pure riding pleasure.


Extra utilities, a lockable front compartment, Built in cup holders and an energy efficient LED headlight.

Extra Safety, a robust frame, protective plastic shrouds and a Rubber (PU) shock absorbing front bumper

Explore the Exceptional Features of the Afikim S4 Scooter - Your Ultimate Travel Partner

  • Versatile Terrain Handling: The Afikim S4 scooter excels in various environments, from city streets to challenging off-road conditions. Its robust design and wide tires offer unmatched stability and comfort. Discover our 4-wheel mobility scooters for similar versatile options.

  • Dual Seating Option: Ideal for those who require or prefer company, the Afikim S4's dual seating option ensures comfort and convenience for both riders. Explore more of other Afikim scooters.

  • Safety and Comfort: With its award-winning design, the Afikim S4 prioritizes the safety and comfort of its users, making it a reliable choice for various mobility needs.

  • Eco-Friendly Features: Equipped with energy-efficient LED lighting, the Afikim S4 is an environmentally conscious choice for mobility.

Frequently Asked Questions for Afikim Scooter  S4

What makes the Afikim S4 suitable for off-road use? 
The Afikim S4 is designed with wide rear tires and a robust frame, providing exceptional stability and comfort on rough terrains. Explore our collection of 4-wheel mobility scooters for more options.

Can two people ride the Afikim S4 scooter? 
Yes, the Afikim S4 offers a dual wide seat option, making it a perfect double-seated scooter for shared adventures. Check out our range of Afikim scooters.

Are there alternative models to the Afikim S4 with similar features? 
Yes, models like the Afiscooter C4 and Afiscooter C3 offer comparable features and performance.

How does the Afikim S4 ensure the safety of its users?
The scooter is equipped with protective shrouds, a shock-absorbing bumper, and an ergonomic design for maximum safety.

How does the Afikim S4 perform in terms of speed and battery life?
The Afikim S4 offers an upgraded speed option and efficient battery usage, ideal for extended outdoor trips.

Is there a warranty for the Afikim S4 scooter?
Yes, it comes with a  manufacturer’s warranty of 1 year on the body and 6 months on the battery for peace of mind. You may also contact us for more details.

Can the Afikim S4 be used in urban environments?
Absolutely, its versatility makes it suitable for both urban and off-road use.

What are the storage options on the Afikim S4?
It includes a lockable front compartment and built-in cup holders for convenience.

Can two people comfortably ride the Afikim S4?
Yes, the Afikim S4 offers a spacious dual seat, perfect for shared journeys. View our double seat scooters for more information.

How does the Afikim S4 handle different terrains?
The Afikim S4 is designed for stability and comfort on all terrains, making it an excellent choice for off-road adventures. Check out our heavy-duty mobility scooters for more rugged options.

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