Journey Zinger Power Folding Wheelchair With Two-Handed Control

Color: Blue
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A lightweight power mobility chair with two-handed throttle steering. Turns on a dime, works indoors and out and weighs just 47 lbs. Comes with a convenient travel basket.

Unique and fun-dual lever steering

  • The Zinger is not a scooter or a power chair; it is a personal electronic vehicle 
  • Dual-lever driving (as with a zero-turn lawn mower) is ultra responsive and nimble 
  • Three speed settings: 0-1 mph/0-3 mph/0-6 mph; and Reverse: 0-1 mph 
  • The 24" turning radius allows turns on a dime, 50% smaller turning radius than other chairs 
  • Drives on almost any surface, indoors or out, including grass, dirt and small gravel

TURNS ON A DIME: Navigates into small spaces with a 50% smaller turning radius than mobility scooters. The Zinger can literally turn on a dime. FITS UNDER TABLES AND DESKS Zinger was designed for an active lifestyle.

Traveling is easy

  • FAA approved—can be used in airports and can get you right up to your gate. Battery is carried on, while the Zinger is treated like oversized luggage at the gate as you board 
  • Traveling up to 6 mph means you can keep up with friends as you use your Zinger 

Built-in safety

  • Rear anti-tip wheels for additional stability while going over bumps or inclines
  • Swing-away footplate so you can exit safely and easily 

Functional for everyday life

  • At 25" wide, Zinger fits through all standard ADA door frames of 32” 
  • Can drive up all ADA-compliant ramps of 5° incline--and those up to 10° if needed 
  • Both armrests fit below ADA-compliant tables and desks; arms can also be removed/adjusted 
  • Foam cushion and mesh

Designed and sized for ease and convenience

  • Comes assembled and never has to be disassembled 
  • Chair can be manually pushed when not electronically engaged
  • Zinger size: 31" long x 25" wide x 35" high (folded size: 10"x 25"x 36")  
  • Seat size: 16.5" wide x 15" deep 
  • Designed for activity

    The Zinger climbs inclines up to 10°, has a 50% smaller turning radius, and is stable at faster speeds. And it can go up to 8 miles on a single charge.

  • Multi-surface

    Grass, dirt, small gravel—the Zinger can handle it all. Indoors or outdoors, wherever you want to go, it will get you there.

  • Roll right up

    The Zinger has comfortable seating, and the arms fit under most tables and desks. So, you can relax and enjoy – and Zing back into action with ease.

    • Ultra-portable

      The Zinger folds down to a cozy 10". It will fit into most backseats or trunks, with plenty of room.

    • Fun & easy steering system
    • Push both levers down to go, pull both levers up to stop, or use alternate lever actions to turn. There are three speed settings, plus reverse.

    • Safety & stability

      The Zinger provides great control even at fast speeds and offers excellent stability even on rough terrain.

    • Comfortable seating

      All Zingers use a breathable, honeycomb mesh material to keep you cool and comfortable, even on longer rides.


      Zinger was designed for an active lifestyle. It can easily pull right up to tables or desks, allowing you to join the party.



      Frequently Asked Questions For Journey Zinger Wheelchair

      Can the Journey Zinger Wheelchair be used on different terrains like grass or carpet?
      Yes, it's designed for versatility on various surfaces including grass and carpet.

      What is the width requirement for doorways to accommodate the Journey Zinger Wheelchair?
      Doorways should be at least 27" wide for easy access or contact us for more details.

      What is the weight capacity of the Journey Zinger Wheelchair?
      It can carry a person weighing up to 275 lb.

      Is the Journey Zinger Wheelchair available in different sizes?
      It is available in one size, with a maximum user weight limit of 275 pounds. See product specifications.

      How much force is needed to operate the Journey Zinger Wheelchair?
      Very little force is required on level ground, slightly more on rough surfaces.

      Is there an alternative product for those who can use only one arm?
      Yes, the Zoomer Chair is an alternative with a one-handed, joystick-controlled mechanism. Check out the Zoomer Chair.

      Can the Journey Zinger Wheelchair be operated with one hand?
      No, it requires the use of both hands for its unique control system.

      Is the Journey Zinger Wheelchair considered a medical device?
      It is a personal electric vehicle and not intended as a medical device.

      Can the Journey Zinger Wheelchair fit under standard tables and desks?
      Yes, it's designed to fit under most tables and desks for convenience.

      What is the folding size of the Journey Zinger Wheelchair for transportation?
      It folds down to a compact size for easy transport. View its portability features.


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