Black wheelchair shown in folded and unfolded configurations

There are different factors to consider before you buy a wheelchair for you or your loved ones. The most crucial thing to note is the comfort level these models have. However, you can also look at other quality-of-life features that enhance the overall user experience. A suitable wheelchair gets the job done, but the best wheelchairs go above and beyond expectations. 

Some wheelchairs feature a lighter design, while others have broader and thicker wheels, making them stand out from the standard models. The best thing you can do as buyers is to look for the features that make a particular model stand out. If that feature is precisely what you need, you know it’s the one for you. However, this tip is just an overview of what you should look for. If you want a deep dive into the factors concerning wheelchairs, read further. 

The Best Factors to Consider Before You Buy a Wheelchair

Wheelchairs are indispensable tools for households with elderly or injured family members. It’s no secret that injuries or old age can limit an individual’s mobility and prevent them from doing things they could do before. Wheelchairs offer an excellent solution for people with limited mobility since they allow them to move around and regain independence. 

However, before buying comfortable wheelchairs for elderly or injured family members, you must consider various factors. Here are the factors you should look for before you buy a wheelchair: 

  • Manual vs Electric Wheelchairs

One of the first questions you need to ask yourselves regarding wheelchairs is if you want a manual or an electric wheelchair. While their functions are self-explanatory, the financial repercussions of choosing one over the other aren’t. Manual wheelchairs are understandably cost-effective; however, they require constant assistance from a caretaker. Electric wheelchairs, on the other hand, give independence to their users, but they are more costly. 

  • Wheel Durability

Since these devices will be used frequently, consider the wheel's durability. This factor is especially true if you live near uneven roads or rough terrain. Models with even the sturdiest frames can break down if their wheels aren’t durable enough. Some models have small but thick wheels, while others have large but thin wheels. Look for a model that suits your needs and your area. 

  • Portability 

One of the main selling points of a wheelchair is its ability to allow users to move around. However, some models aren’t as easily foldable and portable as others, which can pose a problem for long trips. Before you buy a wheelchair, you need to see if a particular model you like is portable. Some models take it further by having detachable parts, making it easier for the caretakers to assemble and disassemble. 

  • Comfort Level

No one likes to sit down in an uncomfortable chair. One of the most crucial areas of a wheelchair is its backrest since it supports the upper body. Another area you should check is the seat itself. Ensuring that your loved one’s wheelchair is comfortable can save you from additional problems down the line and will make their experience much more accessible. 

  • Sturdiness of the Arm and Footrests

Aside from the backrest and seat, you should also check the arm and footrests. While these parts aren’t necessarily the ones doing all the heavy lifting, they are still essential so your loved ones can experience maximum comfort. The best thing to do in these situations is to let your loved ones try each model out if you’re in a physical store. Otherwise, you can ask customer support about these parts, and they’ll gladly assist you. Businesses like Endurewellness provide excellent customer support before each purchase, helping you find the perfect model. 

The Best and Comfortable Wheelchairs for You or Your Loved Ones 

Wheelchairs come in different shapes and sizes. Some wheelchairs are built with features that allow users to move without assistance, while others require caretakers or manual effort to operate. One crucial part of knowing what model to buy is knowing what wheelchair types are available. Luckily, Endurewellness has a wide variety of wheelchair models to choose from. 

Here are the different models from Endurewellness to consider before you buy a wheelchair: 


Standard Size Wheelchairs

Standard Size Wheelchairs from Endurewellness


Journey So Lite Super Lightweight Folding Wheelchair: 

  • 16.5 lbs frame. Lightweight and portable 
  • Padded seats 
  • Anti-tippers to help with stability 
  • Dual handbrake system 
  • 8” front wheels and 24” rear flat-free tires 

ComfyGO X-6 Lightweight Electric Wheelchair with Joystick:

  • Weighing only 50lbs, it has a carrying capacity of 265lbs 
  • 360-degree joystick 
  • Range of up to 17 miles 
  • Speed selection buttons for varying speeds

ComfyGO X-1 Manual Lightweight Folding Mobility Wheelchair:

  • Quick-detach wheels for more accessible transport 
  • Highly maneuverable 
  • Max loading weight of 220lbs 
  • Adjustable armrests 

Lightweight Wheelchairs 

Lightweight Wheelchairs from Endurewellness


Strongback Mobility 12 Manual Mobility Wheelchair:

  • Ergonomic design that fully supports the back 
  • Portable 
  • Removable swing-away footrests 
  • 19-22lbs, depending on the model 
  • Various options for wheel size

Strongback Mobility 8 Manual Mobility Wheelchair:

  • Comfortable design allows for a much easier seating experience
  • Two options for frame sizes 
  • Detachable footrests 

Strongback Mobility 22S Manual Mobility Wheelchair:

  • Compact and foldable 
  • 300-pound weight capacity 
  • Various adjustable areas for a more effortless seating experience

Heavy Duty Wheelchair

Heavy Duty Wheelchair from Endurewellness

Strongback Mobility 24 Mobility Posture Support Wheelchair:

  • Folding manual wheelchair 
  • An extra 1.2-inch cushion for more comfortable seating
  • Ergonomic design for back support 
  • Weight capacity of 300lbs 

Auto Reclining Wheelchair 

Auto Reclining Wheelchair from Endurewellness

Comfygo X-9 Remote Controlled Electric Wheelchair with Automatic Recline:

  • Automatic reclining backrest and automatic lifting leg rests 
  • Durable and sturdy 
  • Range of up to 17+ miles 
  • Airline and cruise-approved 
  • Capacity of up to 310lbs 

Let Endurewellness Showcase Each Model’s Pros and Cons Before You Buy a Wheelchair

Knowing the factors about every product you plan to purchase is crucial in getting the most out of it. This statement is especially true regarding wheelchairs since you want to maximize comfort and minimize any uneasy feeling when using them. Additionally, if you do ample research beforehand, you can enjoy specific features and get the exact benefits you want. 

We at Endurewellness help you make these tough decisions before you buy a wheelchair. We understand that each patient or family has specific needs and recommend the model we think is perfect for your situation. If you want to learn more about these outstanding models or read about our other products, contact us today


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