Journey UPbed Independence With Free Installation & Setup | 4-in-1 Adjustable Bed

Size: Twin (Length: 75" Width: 38")
Sale price$3,999.00 USD

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4-in-1 bed:
Sit-up bed, chair bed, lift bed, and good old-fashioned sleep bed—you get it all-in-one comfy package.

8-inch memory foam mattress:
The mattress provides heat-sensitive support for a good night’s rest. It conforms to your body, prevents sinking, and keeps its original shape for decades.



The 4-in-1 bed is safe, secure and oh-so-comfy. Get a good night’s sleep, every night.

UPbed Weight Capacity
500 lbs maximum capacity 

Get on and off your bed without a second thought.
Lifts and rotates 90° to the left or right  smoothly and gently  so you can more easily get in and out of bed.

Engineered for comfort:
A sturdy metal aircraft-grade frame and two separate, independently controlled motors help raise and lower your UPbed silently.

How Does Professional Setup & Installation work?

Once your upbed has been delivered, you will call or email us with the best times for our professionals to come to your shipping address & complete the installation. Our crew will be over within 24-48 hours of delivery. All professionals are background checked and insured.

Safe and easy to handle:
The UPbed Independence comes with a motion-sensitive, under-bed safety light and an easy-to-use remote


Frequently Asked Questions for Journey UPbed Independence


Is the Journey UPbed Independence easy to control for seniors?

  • Yes, the UPbed Independence features a simple remote control designed for ease of use by seniors. It has eight easy-to-push buttons, each performing a single function for simplicity. The remote is wired, eliminating the need for batteries and reducing the risk of misplacement. To get more details about this product, contact us today!

How does the UPbed Independence ensure a smooth and safe movement?

  • The UPbed Independence is designed with precision motors that ensure smooth and steady movement. This avoids the sudden, jerking feeling often associated with inferior adjustable beds, enhancing safety and comfort.
Can I adjust both the head and leg positions on the UPbed Independence?
  • Yes, the UPbed Independence allows for separate adjustments of the head and legs. Discover the full range of adjustable positions in our Guide to the Best Power Lift Beds.

Does the mattress cover of the UPbed Independence stay in place?
      • Indeed, the mattress cover is specially designed to zip onto the bed frame, ensuring it stays in place. For more information on our bed designs, check out our article on What are the Best Lift Beds.

Can standard Twin XL bed linens fit the UPbed Independence?
      • Yes, the UPbed Independence is a Twin XL bed, and standard Twin XL bed linens will fit perfectly.

How do I manage the bed sheets when using the UPbed Independence?
      • Most users drape the top sheet and blanket over one of the armrests and tuck it in slightly. This method keeps the sheets in place as the bed raises, allowing for easy exit without tripping over them.

Do I need a separate bed frame or headboard with the UPbed Independence?
      • No, the UPbed Independence comes with an attractive built-in frame that replaces the need for any additional bed frame or headboard. Its design is both functional and aesthetically pleasing, resembling furniture rather than a hospital bed. Learn more about its design in our Journey UPbeds Collection.

Are there safety features to prevent falling out of the UPbed Independence?
      • The UPbed Independence not only offers unique armrests that double as bed rails to prevent falls, but these armrests also aid in standing up from the bed. They are cushioned, have a textured surface for improved grip, and are adjustable or removable according to your needs. Explore our diverse range of home beds, including the UPbed Independence, for more innovative and safe bed solutions.

What happens during a power outage? Is there a backup for the UPbed Independence?
  • The UPbed Independence includes two standard 9-volt batteries for emergency use during power outages. These batteries allow you to put the bed in a flat position. However, this is intended for one-time emergency use and not for repeated operations.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Kim Dougherty
Excellent bed!

It works beautifully, especially in getting my husband out of bed with the lift.Putting him in the bed with the lift is more problematic as the foot of the bed is too long to put him far enough onto the bed with the lift. He ends up with feet off end of bed. But we can still put him on side of bed as before and he finds it very comfortable.

Tom Connelly on behalf of Muriel Connelly
Great on apologizing, poor on delivering

Unfortunately, my mom passed away before we got the bed to her. I asked about your return policy for the bed which is still at the drop location. Can’t return, once you ship it, I own it. I sent an email requesting a return at a discounted price… no reply. Overall, a very disappointing experience!

Debra McCarthy
So worth it.

Love our bed. We are so thrilled with the comfort. It is a great product!


I really appreciated the support that I received while I was placing my order. The gentleman whose name I forget gave me free installation which was very nice as I am unable to move the bed myself


5 stars

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