Journey So Lite Glide Rollator Walker

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Stand tall with the So Lite™ Glide Backsaver Rollator Walker, never have to bend your back ever again to have the support you need. Take the Glide Upright Folding Rollator Walker on the go, it folds easily and at only 19.25 lbs. is easy to lift and store in the trunk or back seat of a car.

  • Lightweight frame: The So Lite Glide™ is only 19.25 lbs, thanks to an aluminum frame that’s both light and sturdy.

  • Designed for comfort: From a wider seat to its strong, adjustable backrest to the padded armrests, the So Lite Glide™ reduces pressure on your back, neck and hands.

  • Safety first: Thanks to a dual braking system with manual locks and handbrakes, non-skid wheels and front and rear reflectors, you can walk without worry today.

  • Thoughtful design: One touch technology makes folding and height adjustments easy, and padded handles make sitting and rising even easier.

  • Hidden Cables: Unlike competitive products, the Glide's brake cables are built into the frame to prevent tangles and improve style.

Seat Dimensions 

Seat Width: 17.38"

Seat Depth: 9.75"

Glide Weight: 19.25 lbs 

Weight Limit: 400 lbs 

Wheel Size 

Front Wheels: 10"

Back Wheels: 8"

Materials & Colors

Frame: Lightweight aluminum

Wheels: Non-skid

Handbrakes: Hand and locking

Reflectors: Front and rear

Colors: Black, Silver


Just 19.25 lbs! It’s so light, we put it in the name.


There’s 10" of height adjustment, allowing for larger range of adjustment than many other upright walkers can offer.


Helps you walk the way you’ve always walked, upright rather than bent over and facing ahead rather than looking down.


     🔴Journey So Lite Glide Rollator Walker Is not covered by insurance or Medicaid🔴


    What are the benefits of the So Lite Glide walker?

    The So Lite Glide has been exclusively designed to make walking safer, healthier, and easier. Its adjustable armrests and handgrips enable a custom fit for almost any body type, so you can stand up straight and see where you are going—without putting pressure on your wrists and hands. It’s crafted from sturdy yet lightweight aluminum for stability and portability.

    Does the So Lite Glide require assembly?

    Your So Lite Glide comes practically assembled   just follow these easy steps and your Glide will be ready to use.

    • Remove product from shipping carton and lay down on a flat surface.
    • Unfold the walker base and stand the walker base on all four wheels. Hold the handle and push it upward to make the folding device buckle with the main frame.
    • Unfold the walker frame and push down and out on the seat support tubes until they are secured in the frame cradles. You should hear the seat click when properly engaged.
    • Press the orange release button and push the armrest tube downward to your desired height. There should be an audible "click" to signal that the orange release button is fully engaged. Repeat the steps for the other armrest. The armrests should be set at a height high enough, so you are standing upright but not so high as to cause your shoulders to "hunch". Set both arm rests at the same height and put equal weight on each forearm while using your Glide.
    • Pull lever to adjust the hand grip arms, then push lever to lock into position.
    • Snap the cane holder (if available) all the way until it’s secured.
    • Slide the clips over the right and left seat rail extensions to attach the personal item bag. 
    • Attach the backrest by sliding the T-slot on the end of the backrest onto the respective mating T-ridge on the front of the frame under the armrests. Repeat for the other end of the backrest. Check to confirm that the T-slots and T-ridges are fully engaged on both ends of the backrest. The backrest may be left on the walker or removed when not in use.

    Is the So Lite Glide easy to handle for transit or storage?

    Yes! It's specifically designed to be incredibly easy to fold which makes the So Lite Glide a breeze to transport wherever you may need to go or store as needed.

    Do the brakes lock to prevent the So Lite Glide from rolling?

    Yes! The So Lite Glide features an innovative braking system...hand brakes to use while walking and locking brakes to prevent rolling.

    How do you fold the So Lite Glide?

    Folding the So Lite Glide is so simple! Lift up on the seat release and gently slide the Glide closed. To make the Glide even smaller for transport, you can lower the armrests to their lowest position as well.

    What is the warranty on the So Lite Glide?

    The So Lite Glide frame and mechanical components are covered with a one-year limited warranty. The originally supplied tires and fabric seat are covered with a limited warranty for six months. You can find out more information about the warranty in the User Manual & Warranty package.

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    came ready to use

    super easy to use

    bought for my mom

    my mom is having troubles walking and I got this for her and it is perfect for walking and sitting

    purchased to help walk

    so far so good. Very nice rollator and it was easy to setup and very light

    you pay for what you get

    good price point for a very good device


    happy with my purchase

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