Journey So Lite Lightweight Folding Scooter

Color: Blue
Sale price$1,899.00 USD

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The So Lite™ Scooter is very light, portable, very safe and designed to get you moving. Go shopping, visit friends and family, and get out and about ... the battery will last up to eight miles on a single charge. 


Helps you navigate turns without the worry of tipping over.


At 40.8 lbs without battery, the So Lite Scooter is much lighter than many traditional models, making it easier to transport with its portable design.


It folds up in seconds, ready for backseat, car trunk, airplane travel or quick-and-easy storage.

  • Light yet sturdy  

    The super-light frame (just 40.8 lbs) and four wheels help make moving easier than ever. 

  • Nearly impossible to tip over 

    Anti-tippers and electronic stability control make the So Lite extremely safe.

  • Folds away fast  

    Your scooter folds in just seconds, ready for cars, trains and airplanes ... no tools needed.

  • Comfy and Convenient

    Always comfy & convenient 

    Enjoy padded seat, backrests and arms, along with ample storage bags and basket. 

  • Speed adjustment

    Speed adjustment 

    Preset top speeds with a handy dial for longer, safer rides.


    Ready for travel

    • FAA approved—can be used in airports until you board the plane. Battery is carried on, while the scooter is treated like oversized luggage at the jetway as you board
    • Traveling up to 5 mph means you can keep up with friends, loved ones and pets as you use your scooter
    • Powerful light for use at dusk/dawn 


    Rechargeable battery with long life

    • Lightweight battery—3.7 lbs versus others up to 20 lbs 
    • Rechargeable 1 x 24 V 10Ah lithium battery. Safe in standard 110 V outlets 
    • Charges on the steering column—no need to bend over and remove battery to charge
    • Eight miles on a single charge, six hours to charge from empty 

    With more than half a dozen inspired safety features on this small, compact unit, you may assume that safety is paramount here (right, again), starting with the innovative anti-tip technology and all-important Electronic Stability Control. ESC is an automatic slow-down that prevents tipover on turns.

    The easy maneuverability of a small scooter and the added stability of four wheels are safety features in themselves, but add to those the automatic electromagnetic brakes, “coming-thru-here” horn, powerful headlight, and a speed control function that’s much like a car’s cruise control. You can preset the top speed anywhere within a range of 0-to-5 mph – a helpful feature as you accustom yourself to your Scooter or undertake longer rides!

    • Materials & Colors

      Battery: Rechargeable 1 x 24 V 10Ah lithium

      Battery Range: Depending upon usage (travel speed, user weight, etc.), the So Lite Scooter’s battery will last up to eight miles of use

      Seat Type: Folding, with removable seat covers

      Lights: Front LED

      Basket: Metal basket under the seat, plus two removable carry bags

      Tiller Type: Straight handle

      Charger: 2 amp

      Brakes:  Automatic electromagnetic

      Colors: Blue, Gray, Red

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Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
perfect for daily commute

I bought the Journey So Lite Electric Scooter to run quick errands and to make short trips around my neighborhood, and it has been a handy addition. The scooter is incredibly easy to use, and I appreciate the digital display that shows my speed and battery life. It's lightweight, so I can easily carry it upstairs to my apartment.

5 stars, fats delivery

Saw sometimes the shipping can take 2 weeks, I received my scooter in 6 days. Came as described in blue, which is a nice color. This is my second scooter and I do not see myself switching back


I've been using the Journey So Lite Electric Scooter for my daily commute, and it's been a game-changer. The scooter is incredibly easy to fold and unfold, which is a lifesaver when I need to hop on and off public transit. It's lightweight, so I can easily carry it when I'm not riding, and it fits under my desk at work, so no need to worry about parking or storage.

Joe P
good battery, easy to ride

The battery life is impressive; I can go for days without recharging. The ride is smooth, even on less-than-ideal road surfaces. It's perfect for quick grocery store runs and getting around town


Scooter is good, price is high. Got a discount, but only helped partially

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