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A folding frame wheelchair sets itself apart from traditional wheelchairs. While earlier models can be folded, they cannot achieve the level of foldability these newer models can achieve. Additionally, with a wheelchair folding mechanism, folding these devices is a breeze since you don’t have to worry about which parts to move. Lastly, these wheelchairs are also cost-effective, making them an excellent choice for people who want a more comfortable wheelchair experience without spending too much money. 

However, the benefits briefly mentioned earlier barely scratch the surface of what these devices can do. While these wheelchairs are still similar to older models, there are factors under the surface that make them stand out. This article covers the advantages of having these devices. We invite you to read further to learn more about this topic. 


What is a Folding Frame Wheelchair?

Before answering the question posted above, we must first address the question, “Do all wheelchairs fold up?” The answer is no. Wheelchairs typically fall into two broad categories, each with subcategories: folding and rigid. Rigid wheelchairs are devices with parts that cannot be folded and are meant to be used as is. These wheelchairs have the advantage of sturdiness but aren’t portable at all. 

On the other hand, folding wheelchairs boast portability at the risk of not being sturdy enough. However, recent models, like the ones businesses like Endurewellness feature, perfectly balance these two factors. With features that prioritize comfort yet maintain stability and add maneuverability, a folding frame wheelchair is the best choice for individuals or families on the go. 


5 Fantastic Advantages of Having a Folding Frame Wheelchair

The fact that these devices are foldable already speaks for itself. However, some advantages require a closer look to appreciate fully. While some of these advantages rely on their manufacturers, most still apply to a wide range of folding wheelchairs. Below are some of the advantages of having a folding wheelchair. 

  • Highly Portable 

One of the best activities you can do with your family is travelling. This activity might prove challenging for those with limited mobility due to injuries or old age. However, thanks to folding wheelchairs, you can take your loved ones with you; their wheelchairs won’t take up much space in your vehicle. Furthermore, some models are airline and cruise ship-friendly, increasing your chances of having your loved ones with you when you travel. 

  • Different Options 

Classifying a device under a folding wheelchair category is not the end. You can still have different options regarding these devices. Folding wheelchairs can be manual or electric, giving you multiple options for which type suits your needs better. You can choose the manual foldable device if your loved one has a dedicated caretaker. However, you can use the electric models if you want more freedom for your loved ones. 

  • Gives Your Loved Ones Independence

In most cases, people with limited mobility might feel like they’re being a burden to their loved ones. While this most certainly is the case, having a folding electric wheelchair can help them feel independent and free to do what they want. Aside from being lightweight, some of these devices are equipped with features that enhance mobility and make it accessible. 

  • Better Tire Traction

A wheelchair’s tires bear the full brunt of the whole structure. While rigid wheelchairs might be ideal if you want a more sturdy structure, their rigid nature prevents them from adjusting to changing terrain. One good thing about a folding frame wheelchair is that it can adapt to uneven terrain, relieving pressure from its wheels and creating better traction. 

  • Comfortable

Wheelchair technology has come a long way. These days, wheelchairs can perfectly balance comfort and function. Before, wheelchair models had to sacrifice one aspect to make room for another, but today, even models with a wheelchair folding mechanism are comfortable. Some models are even deceptively strong because, at first glance, they look flimsy but end up being highly stable. Fortunately, businesses like Endurewellness can help you gauge these models’ carrying capacity and comfortability through their amazing customer support. 


Journey Zinger Power Folding Wheelchair: One of the Best Folding Frame Wheelchair Models

Journey Zinger Power Folding Wheelchair

The Journey Zinger Power Folding Wheelchair is marketed as a personal electronic vehicle. This classification is based on its features exceeding those of a traditional wheelchair. One of the most noticeable features of this model is its two-handed throttle steering system. This revolutionary steering system is complimented by good maneuverability, making traversal a breeze. 

Built for Activity 

The Journey Zinger can climb angles up to ten degrees and remain stable even at faster speeds. Additionally, this machine has a small turning radius, allowing you to go where you want to go precisely. The Zinger’s tires can also handle different surfaces, ensuring a smooth ride through grass, gravel, or dirt. The idea behind this model is to give its users freedom of traversal, and that freedom is achieved through these features. 

Maneuverable Yet Portable 

Operating this machine is simple. Simply push both levers down to advance and pull them up to stop. The three speed settings allow users to customize their speed. Turning is also a breeze, thanks to the levers corresponding to each turn. Regarding portability, you can fold this wheelchair down to 10 inches, giving you more space for other stuff in your car. 

Safe and Comfortable 

The Zinger’s sturdy frame stays stable even at the highest speed, minimizing the possibility of falls and other accidents. Regarding comfort, this model’s honeycomb mesh material is breathable yet stable and comfortable. Most wheelchair models have materials that aren’t breathable, adding sweating to the list of problems you have to worry about. With the Zinger, you don’t have to worry about these things because of its materials. 


Choose Endurewellness for the Best Folding Frame Wheelchair Models 

Owning a wheelchair doesn’t have to be taxing for its users and their loved ones. Wheelchairs are designed to make life easier for their users, so looking for the best features in different models is natural. Fortunately, the Journey Zinger Power Folding Wheelchair has everything you want in a wheelchair. 

Endurewellness is the home of the Journey Zinger Power Folding Wheelchair and other high-quality electric wheelchairs. We ensure that every model we offer goes above and beyond what’s expected of wheelchairs. While it’s true that a wheelchair that addresses the essential functions is good enough, we want to give our customers the best possible experience with our devices. If you want to learn more about these products, contact us today

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