Dignity Lifts BL1 Toilet Lift Seat | Battery Powered Toilet Lift | Sit To Stand Lift

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Dignity Lifts Electric Toilet Lift Seat - BL1

 The BL1 is an all around high quality toilets lift with a capability to lift 300lbs about 90", or from a sit to a stand. It has the ability to help the elderly, or anyone recovering from an injury. Eliminate the  hardships of going to the bathroom today!


Works With Most Toilets: The dignity Lift will work with any standard toilet available on the market, please check specifications to ensure it fits. The bowl heights of 16 inches all the way up to 18 inch bowl heights. The lift adjusts with its adjustable feet.

Fits in a standard home: The lift has an overall width of 23 7/8" and a depth of 27". The toilet nook in houses is supposed to be at least 24" (per building code) so this lift fits in normal bathrooms.

Lifting capability: Our basic lift has a weight limit of 300 pounds and the distance between handles is 20", which is as wide as most office chairs.

Raised Seating: The lift raises the back of the toilet seat 9 inches. Typically the lift begins at 18" and ends at 27" tall. 

Will this fit my toilet?


Here is information about what toilets work with our toilet lifts.
Height: The height of the rim of the toilet needs to be between 14" to 18" with our DL1 and WL1 lifts. Our CL1 only works with an ADA height toilets (17"-18" rim height), and our BL1 requires a rim height of between 16"-18". If your toilet is higher than 18" you can use a DL1 lift and add furniture risers under the feet to make it taller.
Width of the toilet at the bowl: The width of the toilet is not usually a problem. Any toilet bowl that is less than 16 1/2" wide will fit inside the sides of all of our toilet lifts.
Toilets that have tanks with "front flair" may not fit: The shape of most toilets works great with all of our toilet lifts. Our lifts fit hundreds and hundreds of different toilet designs. It is rare to find a toilet that our lifts don't work with, but they do exist. Some modernist toilets have a tank that flairs forward. If that flair goes too far forward, the toilet won't fit any toilet lift. Here is a graphic to show you how to tell if our lift will work with your toilet.
flaired toilet tank and toilet lift compatibility


This toilet fits a Dignity Lifts toilet lift
This is a standard style (two piece) toilet. All of our toilet lifts will work with it.
Note: During a recent visit to Home Depot, all 18 toilets they sold in the store were of this variety and our lift will work with all of them.
will a toilet lift fit here
This toilet has plenty of room on either side of it, so a toilet lift will work very well here. Our DL1, WL1, and BL1 lifts are all just less than 24" wide, so they need some space on the side of your toilet lift. Our CL1 is slightly wider, but even it would work well in this bathroom.
Toilet lift toilet fit
While this toilet looks a little narrow, that isn't a problem. Narrow toilets work well for a toilet lift.
toilet lift vertical tank
This toilet has a very vertical tank design, but it will work nicely.
toilet lift for a standard toilet
Here is another standard size toilet. This one has a 18" rim height, which is tall, but it will still work with all of our lifts.
Toilet lift for wall mounted toilet
Look at this toilet. It is a wall-mounted toilet with an egg shape. We checked the manufacturer measurements on this toilet to make sure it would still fit inside the toilet lift and it will.
will a toilet lift fit in my bathroom
Notice the space between the toilet seat and the toilet's tank? Our DL1 lift needs a little bit of space there to work. This toilet will work great with all of our lifts. There is also plenty of space on both sides of this toilet so the lift will fit.
toilet lift for an outhouse
One area of concern when fitting your toilet lift is how cramped the location is. Out in nature there is plenty of room for a toilet lift. We suggest our DL1 for your camp toilet needs. It has a rechargeable battery so you don't need to plug it into a wall outlet.
toilet lift on a one piece toilet
This style of toilet is called a "one piece" design. This refers to the fact that the body of the toilet and the tank of the toilet are all one piece. Some shapes of one piece toilet interfere with our lift, but this one piece toilet had a tank that does not curve forward, so it will work nicely.
toilet lift for a wall mounted toilet
Our lift will fit here nicely. The toilet paper roll might end up in an inconvenient spot, and the windows nearby will have the whole town watching you do your business, but at least your Dignity Lifts will fit! Ha ha ha!
toilet lift for diamond toilet
If you have a diamond encrusted commode and are looking for a dignity lift, I have good news. Our lifts will all fit this fancy toilet. You'll have to bedazzle it yourself though.
toilet lift for composting toilet
Our toilet lifts will fit this composting toilet too.
toilet lift for toilettoilet lift for a colonial style toiletToilet lift for an elongated toilet
Our toilet lifts work well with all of those types of toilets.
toilet lift for one piece toilet
Here is a one piece toilet that works nicely with our toilet lift. Note that the tank has a flat front, it does not curve forward at the outside ends. The flat tank leaves room for our lift.
This toilet has a special toilet seat, it is motorized. The motor sits behind the seat and will interfere with our lift. We are sorry, it likely won't work. Some toilets with motorized seats will work. If you have one, send us a picture and we'll take a look at it.
This toilet will not fit a dignity lift
This toilet's tank has too much forward "flair". The corners that have been highlighted will interfere with the toilet lift.
flaired toilet
Here is another example of a toilet with too much "flair" to work with any toilet lift.

Still not sure if it will fit?

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