Comfygo Majestic IQ-8000 is a thoughtfully designed electric wheelchair made to help people roam around in the town free of stress. We understand that everybody needs independence at some point in life. 

Our remote controlled electric wheelchair provides the utmost mobility and comfort to those who are tired from their daily life routines. 

This lightweight and travel-friendly wheelchair can be easily folded making it an ideal companion for those constantly on the move. Let’s have a look at how this product can become a game-changer in your life. 

Advantages of Comfygo Majestic IQ-8000

Here is the range of benefits of a remote wheelchair which provides a seamless experience:

Effortless mobility:

Majestic IQ-8000 has the lightest frame which makes it highly travel-friendly for those who can’t put much effort while they are alone. Its folding mechanism guarantees seamless transport, whether it's in the trunk of your car or on an airplane.

Joystick control:

Joystick control is the epitome of having a smooth and joyful experience. The joystick helps you control speed, directions, horn, and a battery indicator light to alert you about its battery life. What else do you expect in a wheelchair? This all-in-one gives you complete peace of mind and ensures effortless rides. 

Li-ion batteries: 

High-quality lithium-ion batteries are used to make them run longer and faster. We prioritize your satisfaction and peace, therefore, comfygo majestic IQ-8000 is considered one of the most durable electric wheelchairs

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Multiple frame colors:

Don’t worry about riding on a dull black color as we got six colors to make it look pleasing to you. The color includes black, blue, red, bronze, silver, and yellow! Do you have any other thoughts? Bring it to us and we will customize it for you. 

Complete package:

The majestic 8000 electric wheelchair comes with everything you need to travel. From wheelchair, charging point, remote, and battery, to readable user manual to guide you about every single thing. 

Covers terrains: 

Are you thinking about being troubled by bumps on the road? Well, this wheelchair with a remote control system protects you from bumps, ramps, bricks, and snow. Remember, your comfort means to us!

Final words

Enjoy the tranquility of this standard wheelchair and make your journey beautiful without being bound at home and being burdened on others. It has been a life changer for those who were seeking independence and calmness.

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