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As much as we want to prolong our youth, father time gets the best of us. Tasks that used to seem menial eventually become physically taxing, including getting in and out of toilet seats. Luckily, a good sit-to-stand toilet lift can make this task easier for you once again. However, while a toilet seat riser is relatively easy to find, finding the best sit-to-stand toilet seats is challenging. This article will discuss how these essential quality-of-life additions work and which models are best for your needs. We invite you to read this article to learn more about these fantastic and comfortable models. 


How a Sit-to-Stand Toilet Lift Works

Sit-to-stand toilet seat risers or lift toilet seats are a mobility product you can install in your bathrooms. This product helps older people or people with medical conditions transition from sitting down to standing up or vice-versa. It’s no secret that old age and injuries can significantly affect mobility. Having a machine that helps you quickly do the things you used to do before is a more than welcome addition to any home. 

A toilet seat riser gently lifts the toilet seat after operating the lifting device. The seat’s angle is also taken into consideration and assumes a natural position for getting up and sitting down. The machine lifts or goes down slowly so the motion is comfortable for the user. This machine is handy for the elderly or people with injuries or disabilities since it lessens or eliminates the pain of sitting down or getting up. Even if it’s just a simple act of slowly sitting down or getting up, this machine helps people who need it the most. 


The Best Sit-to-Stand Toilet Lifts

While finding toilet seat risers today is relatively easy, finding the best is where the difficulty lies. Anyone can get this device from any medical equipment business, but the highest quality machines require extensive research. Luckily, companies like Endurewellness already did that research, allowing them to have an extensive catalog of these devices. 

Here are some of the best sit-to-stand lifts courtesy of Endurewellness: 


  • Dignity Lifts BL1 Toilet Lift Seat

Dignity Lifts BL1 Toilet Lift Seat


The Dignity Lifts BL1 Toilet Lift Seat reinforces the reputation of Dignity products for being highly compatible with most toilets. However, this model’s features don’t end there. Regarding comfort, this model is almost as wide as an office chair, allowing you to relax while you use the toilet. When you’re done using the toilet, just press the up button on your controller, giving it ample time to lift you. The machine will lift the back of the toilet seat 9 inches, allowing you to stand back up comfortably and with little effort. 


  • Dignity Lifts DL1 Deluxe Battery Powered Toilet Lift

Dignity Lifts DL1 Deluxe Battery Powered Toilet Lift


The Dignity Lifts DL1 Deluxe Battery Powered Toilet Lift boasts the ability to have the most lift out of any other Dignity Lifts model. With 14 inches of lift, getting up or sitting down becomes much easier once you turn it on. This variety also works with most toilets as customary with Dignity Lifts models. Another factor Dignity Lifts toilet seat risers take pride in is their ability to support up to 300 pounds. With its sleek design and rechargeable batteries, the DL1 is one of the best models of Dignity Lifts. 


  • Dignity Lifts CL1 Commercial Toilet Lift 

Dignity Lifts CL1 Commercial Toilet Lift


Dignity Lifts understands the need for having state-of-the-art equipment in nursing homes or hospitals. Dignity Lifts’ answer to this pressing need is the Dignity Lifts CL1 Commercial Toilet Lift. This model gives you the best features of the BL1 and CL1 varieties but adds wheels to its structure. Since this model is specifically made for commercial use, the wheels let caretakers take this machine from one room to another. As for the lift, this model gives 11 inches of lift, and it can support up to 350 pounds, making it perfect for commercial use. 


  • Throne Buttler TLFE005 Toilet Lift With Bidet and Heated Seat

Throne Buttler TLFE005 Toilet Lift With Bidet and Heated Seat


The Throne Buttler lifts take things further by adding good quality-of-life features. With the Throne Buttler TLFE005 Toilet Lift With Bidet and Heated Seat, you get a built-in bidet with your lift. Aside from the benefits of the bidet, you can also enjoy an ergonomic design that eliminates sharp edges. Furthermore, this model supports up to 350 pounds, further emphasizing its focus on safety. If you’re looking for a safe and easy-to-use model, this machine should be one of your best bets. If you like this model, you can also check out the Throne Buttler TLFE004 Lift Seat with Heated Smart Bidet


  • Throne Buttler TLFE003 Toilet Lift with Bidet Seat 

Throne Buttler TLFE003 Toilet Lift with Bidet Seat


What sets the Throne Buttler TLFE003 Toilet Lift with Bidet Seat apart from the other Throne Buttler models is its exclusion of the heated seat you can find in the TLFE005 and TLFE004. However, this exclusion means you get a cost-effective version of the same seat. If you enjoy the other features of Throne Buttler seats, but you can do without the heated seat, this is the perfect model for you. The easy-to-use and sturdy features you’ve come to expect from Throne Buttler are all present in this model. Save money without sacrificing quality by picking this model. 


Final Thoughts

We naturally want the best and safest machines for our injured or elderly loved ones. The same thing can also be said when you’re running a nursing home or a hospital. Since sitting down and getting back up from a toilet is one of the most common things our loved ones will do, it’s only natural to provide something that will aid them in doing it more effortlessly. Luckily, one of the products discussed earlier is more than enough to get the job done. 

Endurewellness is one of the top providers of the best sit-to-stand toilet seats. We ensure that every product in our inventory is nothing but the best. We also take pride in striking the perfect balance between cost-effectiveness and function. Nothing demonstrates this balance more than the fantastic models discussed earlier. If you want to know more about each toilet lift model, we invite you to contact us today

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