Different outdoor cabin sauna models from Endurewellness

Our daily lives can be stressful. Sometimes, we can’t find a suitable relaxation method when we arrive home. Some stress relief techniques can also feel old and lose potency after a while. Luckily, an excellent outdoor home sauna or outdoor cabin sauna can be the perfect solution you’re looking for. Aside from their stress-relieving capabilities, this machine offers various health benefits. 

A sauna for home also saves you time and effort. The main point of destressing is to do it in a comfortable space. Some people might prefer to destress in a private space, so having a sauna at home saves these people the trouble of going to a communal sauna. This article will cover the advantages of outdoor saunas at home and the various models you can choose from. If you want to learn more about these possible additions to your home, we invite you to read further. 


What is an Outdoor Cabin Sauna? 

An outdoor wood sauna gives you the sauna experience within your property. Depending on the model, these models can usually accommodate up to four people. It’s no secret that sweating makes you feel light and detoxifies your body. An outdoor sauna gives you all the perks of a traditional sauna and adds multiple conveniences, like the machine being within your property.  

Additionally, the wooden material makes the whole experience even better. The rustic design of these models gives you a more relaxing atmosphere. Some models even have additional features, like reclining benches, sand timers, and ladles and bowls. If you want that getaway experience within the confines of your property, then having one of these models is a must. 


5 Fantastic Benefits of Having an Outdoor Cabin Sauna

A sauna in the backyard isn’t just for aesthetic purposes. Every person has a unique way of destressing and means of staying healthy. Some people like to sweat it out by lifting weights, but having an outdoor sauna might be your best method if you prefer detoxifying your body using other means. 

Here are some benefits of having this lovely addition to your home: 

  • Addresses Muscle Pain 

Sometimes, you can feel muscle soreness after a long day at work. This condition also rings true after an intense workout or other physical activity. An excellent wood sauna can help relax your muscles and ease tension. We often experience muscle soreness because we tend to tense up during high-pressure situations or physical activity. The sauna’s steam can help your muscles release all that tension, allowing your mind and body to relax. 

  • Improves Breathing

Home sauna users can also enjoy easier breathing thanks to their relaxing effects. Our lungs and airways tend to also relax thanks to the temperature and humidity. When our airways are relaxed, we can enjoy more effortless breathing. Furthermore, being able to breathe effortlessly gives our bodies more oxygen and allows us to reap the benefits of it as well. 

  • Your Own Little Getaway 

Sometimes, we just want to break our routine of coming home from work, doing the same thing we do after work, and sleeping, only to do the same things again the next day. An outdoor cabin sauna allows its owners to have their getaway within the confines of their property. Furthermore, saunas can be a good way of spending time with your family. Aside from the health benefits, you can strengthen your family bond if you use it together. 

  • An Aesthetically Pleasing Addition

While you’re not getting these saunas for their looks alone, their impact in beautifying your homes cannot be denied. A rustic wood sauna in your backyard immediately makes your property stand out. Humans are visual creatures; sometimes, we can feel relaxed just by looking at these saunas. With these saunas, you can enjoy their health benefits and the aesthetic flair they bring to your property. 

  • Additional Workout Companion

Because of their relaxing capabilities, you can also incorporate these saunas into your workout routine. With an outdoor cabin sauna, you don’t have to worry about feeling sore after your workout sessions. Furthermore, there are also cardiovascular benefits in using saunas since they lower the risk of getting heart disease. These benefits make using a sauna a perfect addition to your workout routine. 


3 Outstanding Outdoor Cabin Sauna Models

Buying a sauna is no easy feat; you must consider things like the design, features and materials. Ultimately, what model you choose will depend on your preference. Luckily, businesses like Endurewellness have an extensive collection of saunas. However, if you’re looking for something specific, like an outdoor cabin sauna model, below are three fantastic models of the cabin-style sauna from Endurewellness

  • Dundalk Leisurecraft Granby Cabin Sauna 

Dundalk Leisurecraft Granby Cabin Sauna


The Dundalk Leisurecraft Granby Cabin Sauna is made from Eastern White Cedar wood. With 1.5” thick walls, this material can insulate heat and heat up fast. As for the space within the sauna, you can comfortably fit 1-3 people inside. If you choose this model, you can pick between the sauna unit, the sauna with the electric heater and the sauna with a wood-burning sauna heater. The Granby Cabin Sauna is your best bet if you’re looking for a cozy and cost-effective cabin sauna model. 


  • Dundalk Leisurecraft CT Georgian 6-Person Cabin Sauna


Dundalk Leisurecraft CT Georgian 6-Person Cabin Sauna


The Dundalk Leisurecraft CT Georgian 6-Person Cabin Sauna takes pride in its space and ability to accommodate up to six people. This model is also made from Eastern White Cedar wood and has two front windows, further highlighting its rustic appeal. Inside, you can enjoy a spacious area with 2-tiered benches, allowing you to relax with friends or family. By choosing this model, you can pick from the regular sauna, sauna with an electric heater, and sauna with a wood heater. If you’re looking for a spacious cabin sauna, the Georgian 6-Person Cabin Sauna is your best bet. 

  • Dundalk Leisurecraft CT Georgian Cabin Sauna With Changeroom 

Dundalk Leisurecraft CT Georgian Cabin Sauna With Changeroom


The Dundalk Leisurecraft CT Georgian Cabin Sauna With Changeroom is the ultimate outdoor home sauna experience. This model takes the best qualities of the Georgian 6-Person Cabin Sauna and builds upon them by adding a changeroom. This outstanding addition ensures privacy is at the forefront of your home sauna experience. By choosing this model, you can choose between the sauna, sauna with electric heater, and sauna with wood burning heater. Choose the Georgian Cabin Sauna With Changeroom for the ultimate cabin sauna experience. 


Choose Endurewellness for a High-Quality Outdoor Cabin Sauna Unit

Relaxing becomes even more challenging as we grow older. Aside from work, we also have to consider family life. Sometimes, we barely have any time left to fit activities that can help us relax into our schedules. Luckily, a good sauna in the backyard offers various solutions to these problems. With the sauna models discussed earlier, you can have a definitive sauna experience within your property. 

Endurewellness provides you with high-quality outdoor cabin sauna models. We ensure every model has everything you could ever want in a cabin sauna unit. Additionally, we also offer diverse models that cater to different preferences. We invite you to contact us today if you want to learn more about these models or our other medical equipment products. 

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