1.5ATA Airvida Portable Lying Hyperbaric Chamber

Size: Standard 32 (90" x 32") - 3 Seperate Machines
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Airvida portable hyperbaric chamber  is our most popular portable hyperbaric oxygen chamber, designed for mild oxygen therapy at a higher working pressure range of 1.5ATA. With a length of 89 inches and a diameter of 32 inches, it is the perfect size for personal hyperbaric oxygen therapy in the comfort of your own home,

Comes with 7 big and long windows without further claustrophobia. This pressurized chamber is lightweight, simple to operate, and very safe for personal and home HBO oxygen therapy treatment.

Standard 3 Unit Kit: Air Compressor, Air Concentrator, & Air Cooler. The Standard 3 unit kit is recommended for home or residential use as they are lighter and can be moved upstairs or downstairs.

Pro All-In-One Kit: Recommended for commercial use or if you are not need portability as this kit weights just over 215lbs. The Pro All-In-One kit contains the Air compressor, Air Cooler, and Air Concentrator.

-Both units provide the same benefits

Portable Type

  • Simple Install, Easy Use

Environment Friendly Material

  • NON-Glue, NON-Toxic

Custom Valve

  • All Valves are Custom Designed and Made

Dural YKK Zippers

  • Dual Zippers, Inside and Outside

Dual Air Filters

  • Two air filters in and out, remove PM2.5

Internal Frame

  • Holds Chamber's Structure Before Inflation

Memory Foam Slow Rebound Internal Mattress

  • Decompression for Your Body, and Improves Your Sleep

10L Large Oxygen Capacity

  • 10L Oxygen Concentrator with 90-97% Pure Oxygen

Internal/External Dual Pressure Display

  • Pressure Readings Available Inside and Outside

Internal/External Pressure Release Control

  • Portable Soft Type Hyperbaric Oxygen Chambers.
  • Various of Sizes of 32inch and 36inch for Different Requirements.
  • Exclusive Design of Curved Zippers.
  • 1.5 Working Pressure.

Included In Your Order:

  • Hyperbaric chamber 
  • 2 year Warranty on all equipment
  • Lifetime Customer Support 
  • Slow Rebound Mattress

Frequently Asked Questions for 1.5ATA Airvida Portable Lying Hyperbaric Chamber

What makes the 1.5ATA Airvida Portable Lying Hyperbaric Chamber unique compared to other models?
Our 1.5ATA Airvida Portable Lying Hyperbaric Chamber stands out with its higher working pressure range, ideal size for personal use, and user-friendly features. For those interested in exploring different models, our collection of 1.5 ATA chambers offers a variety of options.

Is the 1.5ATA Airvida chamber suitable for home use?
Absolutely! This chamber is designed for the comfort of your own home, offering a convenient and effective solution for hyperbaric oxygen therapy. Check out our full range of home use hyperbaric chambers for more options. 

How does the 1.5ATA Airvida chamber enhance oxygen therapy?
The chamber operates at a 1.5 ATA pressure, providing mild yet effective oxygen therapy, which can be more beneficial than traditional methods. It's perfect for those looking to improve their overall health and wellness.

Can I find a similar chamber with different dimensions?
Yes, we offer various sizes to meet different needs. For instance, the 36-inch 1.4ATA Airvida Pro Portable Lying Hyperbaric Chamber is an alternative with slightly different dimensions.

What safety features are included in the 1.5ATA Airvida chamber?
Safety is a top priority. The chamber includes dual air filters, custom valves, and is made from non-toxic materials, ensuring a secure and comfortable therapy session.

How does the 1.5ATA Airvida chamber compare to hard shell models?
While our 1.5ATA model is a portable, soft chamber ideal for home use, we also offer hard shell models like the Airvida Elite 1.5-2.0 ATA Hard Shell Sitting Hyperbaric Chamber for those seeking a more robust option.

Is there a warranty for the 1.5ATA Airvida chamber?
Yes, it comes with a 2-year manufacturer warranty on all parts, ensuring long-term reliability and support.

Can the chamber be used for sleep therapy?
Indeed, many users find the chamber beneficial for improving sleep quality, thanks to its comfortable design and the therapeutic effects of hyperbaric oxygen.

Are there any environmental considerations with the 1.5ATA Airvida chamber?
Our chamber is designed with environmental friendliness in mind, using non-glue and non-toxic materials, making it a responsible choice for users.

How can I get more information or assistance with my purchase?

For any inquiries or assistance, feel free to visit our Contact Page or call us directly at (800) 674-9862. Our team is ready to help you with your hyperbaric chamber needs.




32": 12KG / 26LBS
36": 15KG / 33LBS


32": 230x80 CM / 90x32 Inches

36": 230x90 CM / 90x36 Inches



You will receive a 2 year parts warranty on all chambers, standard 3 unit kit, and Pro All-In-One Kit

You will receive a warranty certificate via email that can be printed or downloaded as proof of warranty and will be valid on the day of delivery

Details On The Pro All-in-One Kit & Standard 3 Unit Kit

How To Choose Which Model works best

Pro All-In-One: Recommended for commercial use, this unit weights near 211lbs which may make portable an issue. Repairs & maintenance may require a dedicated handyman

Standard 3 Unit Kit: Recommended for home use as you will be able to move each of the 3 machines much easier and replacements of filters and normal maintenance can be done at home

The Pro All-in-one unit includes the following:

*1x Oil Free Air Compressor.

*1x 10L Oxygen Concentrator.

*2x Cooling Machines.

*Anion Air Purifier.

*Air Sterilizer/Anti-virus System.

*Air Filter.

*Humidity Water Cotainer.

*Double Activated carbon Filters

*Continous Oxygen production, NO oxygen tank needed

*Adjustable Oxygen Flow

*Rollable Wheels

–Accessories Included For Both Models:

*Oxygen Mask.

*Spare Filters/Fuses.

*Air/Oxygen Tubes.

*Power Cable.

Standard 3 Unit Kit:

*1x Oil Free Air Compressor.

* 1x Air Cooler

*1x 10L Oxygen Concentrator


*Rollable Wheels


Payment Plans


We offer up to 12 months with 0% interest in partnerships with Affirm payment plans

We offer Shop Pay Installments for 3,6, and 12 months 

You can view both of these options at checkout at the bottom of your screen. Interest rates may apply

Please note Airvida Chambers does not make the decisions on whether you are approved for financing and what your terms are

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