Hooga HGPRO300 Red Light Therapy Panel

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 Hooga HGPRO300 Red Light Therapy Panel

HGPRO300 is a high powered, targeted red light therapy device designed to provide you with affordable, effective red and near infrared light therapy in the comfort of your home.

This targeted panel can be used for anti-aging, improving skin tone & texture, relieving pain, wrinkle reduction, improving sleep, increasing recovery and athletic performance and much more.

The HGPRO300 is modular, meaning it can be connected to other panels in the HGPRO series which are then attached to our mobile stands to create larger, customized full body set ups. Or, it can of course be used on it's own with it's built-in table top stand. It features 60 dual chip LEDs emitting clinically proven wavelengths of red and near infrared light at 660 nanometers and 850 nanometers.

It allows you to choose between red, near infrared, or both and also has built in cooling fans to dissipate any heat.

Note: HGPRO300 cannot be attached by itself to our mobile stands. Full hanging kit not included with HGPRO300 as it is primarily used as a table top stand.

Key Features

  • Targeted medical-grade light therapy panel
  • Clinically proven wavelengths of 660nm & 850nm
  • High irradiance of  >109mW/cm2 at 6”
  • Red & near infrared power switches for customized treatments
  • Modular and mobile stand compatible
  • Built in table top stand
  • 60 5W Dual Chip LEDs
  • 60 degree beam angle
  • Flicker free LEDs
  • Heat dissipating fan
  • 50,000+ hr lifespan


    • Distance: Use the device from 6 to 18 inches away.
    • Treatment Time: Between 2-15 minutes, depending on the distance and goals. Skin/topical treatments require less time, while deep tissue treatments will require more time.
    • Frequency: Daily

    What’s Included

    • 1 HGPRO300 w/ Built In Stand
    • 1 US 3 3 Prong Power Cord
    • 1 Protective Eye Goggle
    • 1 User Manual
    • 1 Set of hanging wires
    • 1 Set of Screw In Posts for Modular Connectivity

     🔴Hooga HGPRO300 Red Light Therapy Panel Is not covered by insurance or Medicaid🔴

    HGPRO Series PanelComparison Chart






    LED Power Class 300W 750W 1500W 4500W 5400W
    Power Consumption 112W 272W 300W 1200W 1900W
    Weight 8lb 11lb 21lb 51lb 88lb
    Dimensions 12.7”x 8.6” x 3.1 "20.4”x 8.6” x 3.1 "36”x 8.6” x 3.1 ”61.2”x 15.7” x 3.1 "71.4”x 23.8” x 2.5”
    LEDs 60 Dual Chip 150 Dual Chip 300 Dual Chip 900 Dual Chip 1080 Dual Chip
    Focusing Lens Beam Angle 60 Degree 60 Degree 60 Degree 60 Degree 60 Degree
    Irradiance at 6” 109 mW/cm² 183 mW/cm² 189 mW/cm² 168 mW/cm² 150 mW/cm²
    Max Coverage Area at 18" 33” x 29” 41” x 29” 60” x 29” 124” x 787" 132” x 85"
    EMF Emission 0.0 μT @ 6” 0.0 μT @ 6” 0.0 μT @ 6” 0.0 μT @ 6” 0.0 μT @ 6”


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