Hydrogo Max Hydrogen & Water Purification System

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The Hydrogo Max features a hydrogen system, multi step water purification process, UV sterilization, and instant heating & cooling capabilities.


  • LED Display
  • self clean functions
  • 4 levels and 6 Stages filtraction system.
  • 1 Gallon + Holding Capacity
  • 3 second instant heating 
  • 3 temperature mode(hot,ice-cold,room)
  • UV sterilization
  • Child lock safety features
  • Dual water resources: can be connected to tap water pipe directly.
  • Ice-cold Water (compressor cooler, 2-3L/h, 41-47
  • degrees Farenheit) Ice-cold Hydrogen water
  • Room temperature Hydrogen water
  • Room temperatuer water
  • Hot water


Stainless Steel Casing Snd High Grade Plastic Frame


 20" X 12" X 17.7"

Hydrogo Max In Action