Kahuna LM-6800S Massage Chair SL-track Full-body Massage Chair

Color: Dark Brown
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The Kahuna LM-6800S is a 2D L-track with 3 different zones of zero gravity, full body air compression, memory settings, heat therapy, and Bluetooth. Suitable for people up to 6'2" tall and under 200lbs

• 12 Auto programs to enjoy – 4 Basic Daily Programs, 4 Stretching Programs, 4 Elite Programs. New remote design with backlight.
• Custom Memory Saving function to save your own massage programs you desire.
• Shoulder airbag adjustable for different height, New end position change button to change the recliner position after massage is done.
• Acupressure points on the arm to amplify the
• 5 Levels of the speed of roller, 5 levels of air pressure, Premium Bluetooth speakers with heating therapy
• 4-rollers with L-track massage system
• 3 Levels of speed and pressure adjustments
• Quick Heating Technology: Back and Legs
• Stretchable & Flexible Footrest for any height
• Buttock Roller Massage
• Yoga program stretches whole body vertically while holding shoulders and pushing to stretch out shoulder blades and neck
• Light legs tilting improves twisted pelvic
• Built in Castor for easy movement


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Frequently Asked Questions for Kahuna LM-6800S Zero Gravity Massage Chair

What makes the Kahuna LM-6800S unique among massage chairs?
The Kahuna LM-6800S stands out with its zero gravity feature, full-body air compression, and customizable settings, offering a tailored relaxation experience.

Can the Kahuna LM-6800S accommodate taller individuals?
Absolutely, this chair is suitable for people up to 6'2" tall, ensuring comfort for a wide range of body types.

Is there a warranty for the Kahuna LM-6800S?
Yes, the chair comes with a manufacturer's warranty, ensuring peace of mind with your purchase.

How does the zero gravity feature benefit my health?
The zero gravity position reduces spinal pressure and enhances circulation, promoting overall wellness.

Are there different massage programs available?
The chair offers 12 auto programs, including daily, stretching, and elite options, catering to various preferences and needs.

Does the chair offer heat therapy?
Yes, it includes quick heating technology for the back and legs, enhancing the massage experience.

Can I listen to music while using the chair?
With its premium Bluetooth speakers, you can easily connect your device and enjoy music during your massage.

Is the footrest adjustable?
The chair features a stretchable and flexible footrest, accommodating different heights comfortably.

How does the chair help with muscle recovery?
The combination of massage techniques and heat therapy aids in muscle recovery and relaxation.

For further inquiries or personalized assistance, where can I reach out?
For any questions or to speak with a wellness expert, you can contact us at +1 (800) 963-9514 or explore our Kahuna Massage Chair Collection for more options.


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