Kahuna HM-5020 Massage Chair

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The Kahuna HM-5020 Massage chair is 2D SL-track with 1 zone of zero gravity, full body air compression, calf rollers, USB and LCD remote. Suitable for people up to 6'2" tall and under 300#

2D | SL Track | Zero Gravity | Air Compression (Hip) | Calf Rollers | 6 Auto Programs | 6 Massage Techniques | Heat Therapy (Lumbar) | USB | Fully Assembled

The Kahuna Massage Chair HM-5020 delivers a very comprehensive massage at a nice low-tier price point.  If you're looking for the latest 2D SL-track with 1 zone of zero gravity, full body air compression, and LCD remote, the HM-5020 is perfect for you.  The HM-5020 Massage Chair also has active dual rollers that focus on the acupoints.  The HM-5020 Massage Chair is suitable for people up to 6'2" tall and under 300 pounds. The Kahuna HM-5020 massage chair has a 2D roller mechanism where the rollers go up and down; left and right in order to provide a very thorough massage.

The Massage Chair features the zero gravity position which was originally developed by our NASA scientists as a way to remove the pressure our astronauts felt to their spines during a rocket launch. In the zero-gravity position, you are reclined back while the legs are lifted creating a near weightless position where all pressure is removed from the spine. You can enjoy all of your massages in the Kahuna HM-5020 Massage Chair in the zero gravity position. Chiropractors consider this to be the "healthiest way to sit." The Kahuna HM-5020 massage chair has a whopping 6 auto programs. Enjoy programs such as:  Fatigue Relief, Relax, Pain Relief, Rock Rotating, Neck & Shoulder and Lower Back. Kahuna HM-5020 massage chair feature both foot and calf rollers to help relieve stress along the highly used feet and calves. Most chairs these days provide a good reflexology foot massage, but few have a high-quality calf roller mechanism as well. 

The Kahuna HM-5020 Massage Chair provides heat therapy to the lower lumbar region of the spine, which helps relieve lower back tension and relaxes the underlying muscles and joints. Heat pads apply warmth to help loosen muscle tissue so that the rollers can apply a more effective and deeper massage.

  • You will really love the LCD screen remote control that indicates the entire menu and its very user-friendly feature.


Fully Assembled

Automatic Body Scan



Full Body with Foot or leg




Black, Brown




HM Human-Like

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