Metro Mobility Max Plus Heavy Duty Electric Mobility Scooter

Color: Red
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USB Charging Port & Cup Holders

Crutch Box Accessories

Upgraded pneumatic Tires

Rear Suspension

Adjustable Thickened Seat

Frequently Asked Questions for the  Metro Mobility Max Plus Electric Mobility Scooter

What makes the Metro Mobility Max Plus Electric Mobility Scooter a superior choice for mobility?

The Metro Mobility Max Plus scooter stands out with its USB charging port, cup holders, crutch box accessories, upgraded pneumatic tires, rear suspension, and an adjustable thickened seat. It's ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. For more details on its features and how it compares to other models, check out our full range of mobility aids.

How does the driving range of the Metro Mobility Max Plus compare to other mobility scooters?

The Metro Mobility Max Plus stands out in its category with a remarkable driving range of 16 miles, surpassing many other mobility scooters in endurance. When compared to models like the Metro Mobility Patriot, the Max Plus offers enhanced performance and greater range. This makes it an ideal choice for users seeking reliability and extended mobility in a single charge. Its superior range ensures that users can confidently undertake longer journeys, making it a top choice for those prioritizing distance and durability in their mobility solutions.

Can the Metro Mobility Max Plus scooter handle different terrains like gravel or dirt paths?

Equipped with upgraded pneumatic tires and rear suspension, the Metro Mobility Max Plus is versatile for various terrains. For detailed terrain compatibility, especially compared to our foldable mobility scooters, please reach out to us directly.

Are there different color options available for the Metro Mobility Max Plus scooter?

Yes, this scooter comes in multiple colors including Red, Blue, Grey, Purple, and Emerald. Explore all the color options and find one that suits your style in our mobility scooter collection.

What is the maximum weight capacity of the Metro Mobility Max Plus scooter?

Answer: For specific information on the weight capacity and to ensure it meets your needs, we recommend contacting our customer support. You can also compare it with other models in our mobility aids collection for the best fit.

How does the Metro Mobility Max Plus ensure safety during night-time use?

Answer: Safety is a priority for us. For detailed information on night-time safety features of the Metro Mobility Max Plus, please contact our team. You might also be interested in exploring our range of wellness and recovery products for additional safety and comfort options.

Can I customize the Metro Mobility Max Plus scooter with additional accessories?

Absolutely! The scooter offers various accessories for enhanced functionality. Discover all the available accessories and how they enhance your mobility experience in our mobility accessories section.

Full-size Mobility Scooter

Metro Mobility MAX PLUS scooter is ideal for both indoor and outdoor use, with around a 16 Miles driving range that helps you go farther than other compact size mobility scooters. Equipped with springs and a sturdy bumper in front, users can adjust the tiller to meet their own needs. The heaviest piece is 63lbs


Longer Driving Range

Because the MAX PLUS has a larger capacity battery (24V20AH), it has a 16-mile driving range.

A higher mileage scooter is recommended if you use a mobility scooter frequently and move around a lot. This scooter is a great choice whether it is for traveling to work, running errands, or general day-to-day usage.

🔴Metro Mobility Max Plus Heavy Duty Electric Mobility Scooter Is not covered by insurance or Medicaid🔴


Upgraded Seat

Long-distance driving is more comfortable with a deluxe and thickened seat. When you're tired of riding, you can take a break by leaning against the back of the seat.

A crutch box is located on one side of the seat, which is a useful accessory for customers who require the use of a cane. Of course, if you don't use canes, it can also be used to store an umbrella.

Confident and Freedom

This four-wheel mobility scooter will make your daily activities easier. Reduced mobility, whether caused by age or illness, can make daily tasks more difficult.

A mobility scooter allows you to go out with your children, pick them up and carry their school bags, and so on. This can both physically and mentally relax you and give you confidence.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Got a new charger

My charger came not working and this company sent a brand new one the same day

5 star rating

really like the blue color and it is very nice. Well done scooter compared to the old one I had

Susan Crumley
Doesn't respond after purchase

Messaging them and they don't answer questions. Would like to turn off beeper when it backs up. It is not good on gravel or dirt and the sales rep said it was. Feels like it is going to tip. They hold me off long enough to blow the guarantee. Left my phone number. Waiting

Richard Perhach

will do the job well built


Purchased for my dad, he seems to enjoy. Customer service reps were very responsive and helped the whole way

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