Obbomed OB-3682B UltraAir Bariatric Alternating Pressure Ulcer Prevention Mattress

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Bariatric Alternating Pressure Ulcer Prevention Mattress

Delivering unrivaled comfort and support for larger adults living with pressure ulcers, the ObboMed 3682B UltraAir Bariatric Mattress also helps its users prevent pressure injuries. Robust and innovative, it accommodates an 800-pound weight capacity and provides a patented 15-degree self-lateral rotation to help users move independently within the bed.

The rotation direction can also be fixed to provide added treatment to particularly problematic sores and ulcers. The continuously deflating and inflating cone-shaped air cells combined with true low air loss therapy redistribute the user's weight to alleviate pressure points and stimulate blood flow to prevent and/or treat bedsores.

  • (42”W), 12” Alternating(3-Layer)
  • Multiple Angle Rotation
  • Dynamic Low Air Loss
  • Bedpan•Guardrail, Side Bolster
  • Warmer
  • Massager
  • 24-hour Power Outage Protection
  • Remote Controller

Helping to meet the unique requirements of each bariatric user, the mattress construction offers adjustable 15-degree, 25-degree, and 40-degree lateral rotation angles. These varying rotation angles are especially beneficial in helping individuals who suffer from pulmonary conditions or those who need extra movement while in bed, such as a person living with paralysis or other immobility conditions.

Multilayered and 12 inches deep, the ultra-comfortable ObboMed OB-3682B mattress is powered with a whisper-quiet 50-LPM pump providing consistent air movement between the various air cell chambers. Conveniently vapor-permeable to optimize breathability, this UltraAir mattress keeps users dry with efficient moisture removal into the airflow, away from the mattress's top layer.


🔴Obbomed OB-3682B UltraAir Bariatric Alternating Pressure Ulcer Prevention Mattress  Is not covered by insurance or Medicaid🔴

Control Functions: Additional Model Functions:
  • On/Off (Standby)
  • Lock
  • Max-Inflate (Auto Firm)
  • Static
  • Weight Display
  • Pressure Display
  • Alternating
  • Cycle Time
  • Power Alarm
  • Power Outage Protection
  • Low Air Loss
  • Low Air Pressure Warning
  • Fowler (Seating
  • Side Bolster
  • Remote Control
  • Rotation Hold
  • Bedpan*
  • Warmer*
  • Massager*
  • 15° Self – Rotation*
  • Inflatable Guardrails*
  • Multiple Angle Rotation
  • (15°/25°/40°)*

3-layer Air Cell, 12” Deep Mattress, 13”H Side Bolster, 4”H Patented Guardrail, Total 17”H

Mattress Dimension: 84”L x 42”W x 17”H
Pump: 50 LPM
Weight Capacity: 800 lbs
Control Unit Weight: 14 lbs
Mattress Weight: 48lbs
Unit Package Weight: 74.0 lbs
Unit Package Dimension: 21”L x 18.5”W x 49”H


One of the 3682B's amazing features is its patented inflatable guardrail. When coupled with the mattress's ability to sink as alternating and self-lateral-wave-rotation are activated, the guardrail and side bolster create a soft barrier 9 inches tall to keep the patient safe within the confines of the mattress surface even during 40-degree rotation. These features also allow caregivers to access and care for patients easily, creating a win-win situation within the health care space.

The patented Easy Go bedpan allows one caregiver to perform the sometimes difficult bedpan functions for bariatric patients. With a push of a button on the control panel, a recessed opening on the mattress is activated, allowing the mattress system to deflate within twenty seconds at the buttock area of the mattress cover sheet. This action creates a space where a bedpan can be quickly and easily inserted directly on the top sheet and then quickly removed, avoiding a lengthy two-person preparation procedure.

The massager within the mattress features seven vibration massagers operated by a microprocessor to support eight different massage modes ranging from subtle to deep massage. The massage motion can reduce tension, increase metabolism, ease pain, and support enhanced blood flow while reducing muscle fatigue. The fowler, or seating design, is another benefit that conveniently supports the user when they're in a sitting position on the seat/torso section of the mattress when the head of the bed is raised. The fowler also prevents the possibility of the user from bottoming out onto the more rigid surface of the bed.


  1. Bariatric Size (42”W): Therapy of Alternating with Multiple Angle Rotation (15°/25°/40°)*, Warmer*, Massager* and Dynamic Low Air Loss for stages 1-4 pressure ulcer, 24-hour Power Outage Protection (bottom layer stays inflated if air hose remains connected to Control Unit) . Sets of audio and visual warning signals if power outage or air pressure is low. System defaults to “Alternating” mode after Max inflate and or other functions are finished, or 1-hour in Static Mode. User friendly control panel with Remote.
  2. Patented “EASY GO”bedpan: One person and one push of a button quickly creates a recessed opening to place a bedpan, avoiding a long preparation procedure and quickly restore to its original status. Only one caregiver is needed to perform the Bedpan function on the control display. When activated, the mattress system deflates within 20 seconds at the buttock area of the mattress cover sheet to create an opening where a bedpan can be inserted directly on the top cover.
  3. Patented Inflatable Guardrails: Air gives patients flexibility to bend, freeing the arms, legs or body stuck between the mattress and bed frame guardrails. The air cells within the sleeves offer soft but strong support as well as flexibility to recover their shape.
  4. Patented 15° Self-lateral Rotation : This mattress has cone-shaped air cells that automatically produce a 15° self-lateral rotation while in Alternating mode to enable regular movement necessary for circulation and increased comfort.
  5. Patented 15°/25°/40° Multiple Rotation Angles: This design offers multiple angles of lateral rotation to meet unique demands of each individual, especially beneficial to patients who need extra movement or patients who suffer from pulmonary conditions.
  6. Patented Warmer : Soothing and relaxing heat is distributed along the patient’s back directly above the alternating air cells. This reliable source of warmth helps support the immune system and may improve circulation.
  7. Patented Massager:  These models feature7 vibration massagers operated by a microprocessor to support 8 massage modes. Subtle to deep massages can ease pain, reduce tension, increase metabolism, or support blood flow and reduce muscle fatigue.

Product Highlights
  • Patented inflatable guardrail and sinking mattress feature combine for enhanced safety and accessibility
  • AP and LAL therapy minimizes pressure on the patient's skin
  • Flexibility provided by 15, 25, and 40-degree lateral rotation
  • Patented Easy Go opening allows for accessible bedpan procedures
  • Bariatric stability accommodates an 800-pound weight capacity
  • Includes warmer and massage capability for optimal comfort

Limited Warranty:
1 year for Mattress and Top Cover, 2 years for Control Unit


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Obbomed 3682B in action

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