SmartScoot Lightweight Portable Mobility Scooter

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SmartScoot Lightweight Portable Mobility Scooter

Easy to use, adjustable, foldable lightweight scooter. Fits in the trunk of most automobiles and in all SUVs and vans. The SmartScoot™ lightweight mobile scooter has two folding options and three speeds, rear-wheel settings and lighter mobility scooter pieces than other brands.

With a maximum speed of 7mph, adjustable from 3mph, the SmartScoot™ portable mobility scooter provides the ability to cruise at maximum speed and large bandwidth for speed adjustment.

The SmartScoot™ leverages a 5lb lithium-ion scooter battery with up to 12 miles of range to SmartScoot™ mobile scooters while complying with FAA regulations for air travel. 

This portable mobility scooter is a smart option for active and on-the-go lifestyles!

SmartScoot™ is an easy-to-use, adjustable, fold up, portable mobility scooter. One of the smallest travel mobility scooters on the market, SmartScoot™ fits in the trunk of most automobiles.

A versatile, travel mobility scooter, the SmartScoot™ features settings for both forward and reverse gear, three speed-settings (3, 5 & 7 mph), a battery strength indicator, a weather-resistant front wheel drive motor with disc-brakes, a parking brake, an adjustable comfort-designed seat as well as an adjustable steering column.

The SmartScoot™ portable mobility scooter can also include an LED headlight, horn, and cane holder accessories. The SmartScoot™ travel mobility scooter also allows for adjustments to numerous parts for the comfort of the rider, including seat height, backrest, steering column, and wheel width. 

🔴SmartScoot Lightweight Portable Mobility Scooter Is not covered by insurance or Medicaid🔴


SmartScoot™ folds for quick storage in a trunk or other small space, and you can remove the seat and the battery or just the seat. The lightweight, portable scooter weighs slightly less than 40 pounds when fully assembled, with the heaviest piece being 27 pounds.

One the lightest, smallest travel mobility scooters on the market, SmartScoot™ was made to be on the go!

SmartScoot™ was designed to comply with Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) regulations for traveling with mobility scooters and lithium-ion batteries. SmartScoot™ is designed to travel easily.

Consider its removable luggage bar, which can accommodate a wheeled carry-on bag through the airport. Just place the item on the bar, use bungee cords to secure it to the handlebars, and off you go!  

SmartScoot uses a Lithium Ion Battery rated at 288 watt-hours and containing less than 25 grams equivalent lithium content. Click the links here for the MSDS Report

SmartScoot™ includes a rechargeable lithium-ion battery, a battery charger, as well as a removable front basket, luggage rack and light.

Safety features: The third wheel allows for more stability and the front wheel motor doesn’t have any belts or exposed parts, which improves steering. In addition, front disk brakes ensure strong stopping ability on wet surfaces and declines. The SmartScoot™ lightweight mobility scooter also comes with safety instructions and minimum usage requirements and abilities such as good vision, strength, coordination, balance, and concentration. 

Every SmartScoot™ purchase includes the scooter, a rechargeable lithium-ion battery, battery charger, removable front basket, luggage rack and LED handlebar light!


Warranty: 2 years on the scooter frame, 1 year on all scooter parts and batteries.  Not every portable scooter is the same! Make sure to carefully compare travel scooters before you make a decision. 

Did you check out how the seat and the backrest work for you? You’ll be sitting on this travel scooter a lot, a good seat and backrest make a big difference. 

How easy is this scooter to fold up? Can you lift all of the parts? Being able to easily fold up and store the scooter is a major feature. 

Is the scooter designed to be easy to get on and off of? SmartScoot™ has a durable steel frame that is easy to step over when getting on and off

How To Attach The Basket

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Weight 58 lbs
Dimensions 38 × 25 × 17 in


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Placed an order for my mom

Purchased this for my mom so she can move around better. Shs wants to be outdoors more and this will allow her to do so

Delivered in 5 days

Ordered for my mom and it arrived within a week. Very happy as her other scooter was old and this one is easy to use

Purchased for my mom

Purchased for my mom as it is a simple scooter and very easy to learn. She just has to flip a switch and is ready to go

Second Scooter purchased through Endurewellnessusa

Second Scooter purchased through Endurewellnessusa. First was for my dad and now for my mom. They were great both time, delivered The smart scoot and Luggie model within a week in brand new condition. I would recommend


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