Throne Buttler TLFE003 Toilet Lift With Bidet Seat

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Toilet Lift With Bidet Seat

The Ultimate version of the Throne Buttler.  This kit combines the revolutionary toileting assistance of the Throne Buttler with a bidet seat and fitted splash guard to give anyone the true royal treatment.

Throne Buttler Features:

  • Sturdy rugged safety cage, no wobbly loose snap connections.
  • Simple to use, easy to see hand controls.
  • Powerful dual motor design.
  • Safe, NO pinch points. 
  • Easy to install, NO plumbing modifications.
  • No risk of damaging to the toilet, or wax seal  
  • Soft, comfortable, no-slip hand grips.
  • Clean, elegant design.
  • GFCI built-into plug for worry-free use in older houses. 
  • Compatable with most bidet seats, as well as padded seats.
  • Can be quickly converted to bedside commode.
  • No heavy batteries to run out of charge after a few uses, or need to be replaced. 
  • Includes fitted splash guard to work with standard and chair height toilets.  


Weight:83.00 LBS
Width:29.00 (in)
Height:20.00 (in)
Depth:26.00 (in)
Weight Limit: 350 lbs 

Bidet seat features:

  • Seperated Rear & Feminine Cleaning 
  • Dual Nozzles: Bidet toilet seat has a self-cleaning nozzle for maximum hygiene and durability
  • Easy to Install: Non electricity, batteries, or complicated plumbing required. T-shaped connector, extended length water hose, and accessory kit is included.
  • Soft Close:The bidet toilet seat covered by itself is already a soft close seat which closes quietly and gently.
  • Totally Hygienic: You would use much less toilet paper after using a bidet toilet seat.

🔴Throne Buttler Toilet Lift With Bidet Seat Is not covered by insurance or Medicaid🔴

The Throne Buttler is a revolutionary lift chair that is specifically designed for toileting use.  Its patented lift-and-tilt mechanism replicates the human bodies' natural kinematic motion of sitting and standing.  This revolutionary bathroom device allows for a pain-free, worry-free toileting experience for anyone who has difficulty standing, limited motor skills, or balance issues.  It's the ultimate bathroom upgrade for anyone suffering from severe arthritis, chronic lower back pain, limited weight-bearing on the knees or hips, or recovering from surgery.  No more late-night calls to the fire department for help off the toilet.    

The Throne Buttler features a robust steel safety cage with multiple handgrip locations strategically placed to allow users to maintain stability during use.  The controls feature bright LED-illuminated buttons that are easy to see and can be operated with 1-finger by the user as well as operated remotely by a caregiver.  The linear motors allow for infinite stopping positions allowing the user to tailor the movement to fit their needs. 

Instantly convert any bathroom layout to be safe and easy to use.  Installation is a breeze, simply remove the toilet seat from the existing toilet, slide the Throne Buttler over the toilet, and plug it in and it's ready to use.

Don't wait for an accidentt to happen, Reclaim your Throne Today!!

This product accomodates users ranging from 5’4” and up.

    Weight Limit: 350 lbs
    Electrical: 1A, 110v, 60Hz
    Power Cord: Lenght 10 ft, built in GFCI
    Mounting: No permenant attachment required, self supporting around the existing toilet
    Cycle Time: Approximately 25 seconds
    Noise: 64 dB, 

    Proudly Manufactured in USA

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