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One of the problems people with limited mobility encounter is pressure ulcers. This condition, also known as bedsores, typically happens when someone spends too much time in bed. Injured or elderly loved ones have no other choice but to remain in bed, so there should be a solution for pressure ulcers that will make things easier for everyone involved. Luckily, a medical mattress for pressure ulcers solves all these problems. 

Medical mattresses are specifically built to address various issues like pressure ulcers. These devices solve these problems by offering a comfortable surface to lie down on. Additionally, these mattresses have features that don’t just prioritize comfort but facilitate movement as well, even while lying down. This article covers these features and how they will help you or your loved ones prevent pressure ulcers. Read further to learn more about this topic. 


What is a Medical Mattress for Pressure Ulcers?

A medical mattress is a surface that allows injured or elderly individuals to lie down comfortably. Injuries or old age tend to limit mobility, so spending a lot of time in bed is expected from these individuals. Additionally, medical mattresses are equipped with features that prevent pressure ulcers or bed sores. One unfortunate part of spending too much time in bed is developing bed sores. Fortunately, an excellent medical mattress addresses these issues. 

Features like warmers, massagers, and pressures that essentially change the mattress's shape make medical mattresses stand out. Without these features, users will be forced to change positions or experience bed sores. Changing positions while lying down is easy for able-bodied individuals. However, for people with limited mobility, it can be challenging. A health care mattress solves these problems and makes things easier for the patient and caretaker. 


Benefits of Having a Medical Mattress at Home

Medical mattresses give you the hospital bed experience at home. We usually want to provide our loved ones with the best possible treatment experience, so we send them to hospitals or treatment facilities. However, if our injured or elderly loved ones prefer being at home, we can still ensure their comfort through these mattresses. 

Here are some more benefits of having a medical mattress for pressure ulcers at home: 

  • Comfort 

Medical mattresses are comfortable because no one wants to lie down on an uncomfortable surface. With standard beds, comfort is a hit-or-miss situation because we have different bed preferences. The soft surface ensures this comfort. However, the comfort doesn’t end there, as other medical mattresses feature functions like massagers and warmers. 

  • Easier Movement

We tend to change positions when lying down, and while this motion is easier for able-bodied individuals, injured or elderly family members might find it challenging. However, changing positions is much easier because of shifting pressure points from medical mattresses. This feature also prevents pressure ulcers since users wouldn’t be afraid of moving around with these mattresses. 

  •  Helps with Blood Circulation

Aside from bed sores, family members with limited mobility might experience numbness due to a lack of blood circulation in critical areas when lying down for an extended period. Additionally, not getting enough blood flow to different areas of your body might cause various problems down the line. Fortunately, these mattresses' pressure point adjustment system targets multiple areas of your body, effectively stimulating the muscles and promoting blood circulation.

  • Hospital-Grade Experience at Home 

Nothing beats the feeling of being at home when trying to recover or get some rest. Compare this feeling to being in a nursing home or hospital, and your loved ones would instead be cared for at home. A medical mattress for pressure ulcers provides this hospital-grade experience. With these mattresses, you can constantly check up on your loved ones, and they’d have the luxury of being with their loved ones as well. 


The Best Medical Mattress for Pressure Ulcers

Bed sores are no laughing matter. Left unchecked, they can lead to other severe conditions. To prevent these problems, you can get a medical mattress with features that make moving around the bed easier. Luckily, businesses like Endurewellness have a collection of ulcer-preventative mattresses that go above and beyond what’s expected of them. 

Here is a closer look into these models so you can see which one is the best pressure ulcer mattress: 


  • Obbomed OB-1600 UtilityAir LAL Self-Lateral-Wave Rotation Mattress With Side Bolsters

A blue Obbomed OB-1600 and a white background


The Obbomed OB-1600 UtilityAir LAL Self-Lateral-Wave Rotation Mattress is Endurewellness's most cost-effective medical mattress model. However, being cost-effective doesn’t mean lacking relevant features. This model takes pride in its self-lateral wave rotation feature, which adjusts accordingly, making moving around the bed much easier. Additionally, this mattress is antimicrobial, fireproof, and liquid-resistant, giving you a safe and clean mattress. 

  • Obbomed OB-2600 StandardAir Alternating Pressure Self-Lateral-Wave Rotation Mattress

The Obbomed OB-2600 model on a white background


The Obbomed OB-2600 StandardAir Alternating Pressure Self-Lateral-Wave Rotation Mattress also has the self-lateral wave rotation feature. Additionally, these models have an outage protection feature, making it possible to use even when there’s no power. Regarding safety, the side bolsters and the audio and visual alarms make this mattress safer for its users. With this model, you can also enjoy features like anti-microbial, fireproof, and liquid-resistant qualities, giving you a complete medical mattress experience. 

If you liked these models, you can also check out other medical mattresses from Endurewellness: 

Obomed OB-2000 StandardAir LAL Alternating Pressure Mattress

Obbomed OB-2680 PremiumAir LAL Pressure Ulcer Treatment Mattress

Obbomed OB-3682 UltraAir Alternating Pressure Ulcer Prevention Mattress

Obbomed OB-3682B UltraAir Bariatric Alternating Pressure Ulcer Prevention Mattress


Choose Endurewellness for The Best Medical Mattress for Pressure Ulcers

Pressure ulcers are expected when you have no choice but to stay in bed for an extended period. However, this experience shouldn’t be a burden. If you’re already injured or have issues moving around due to old age, the last thing you need is another condition which makes your experience even more challenging. Thanks to the models discussed above, you don’t have to worry about getting bed sores on top of your existing conditions. 

Endurewellness is your go-to business for the best medical mattress for pressure ulcers. We believe in striking the perfect balance between functionality and safety, and our medical mattress models demonstrate these qualities. If you want to learn more about these products or our other collections of medical equipment, feel free to contact us today


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