Tzora Elite 3 wheel mobility Electric Scooter

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Tzora Elite 3 wheel mobility Electric Scooter

The Tzora Easy Travel Elite is equipped with a patented powerful In-Hub Motor inside the large front wheel making the Easy Travel Elite extremely lightweight compact and powerful. The Easy Travel Elite now comes standard with “front easy mover” Wheels to help prevent a person from accidentally tipping the scooter sideways.

This is always a concern with any three wheel scooter and their is no way to eliminate this risk, however the Anti-Tip feature highly reduces this possibility giving the user and family more security and a piece of mind.

The Easy Travel Elite Scooter is one of the most portable mobility scooter in the world. You can fold and disassemble the 3 wheel Easy Travel Elite Scooter in seconds, without tools or ever bending down. The heaviest component, is the rear frame, weighs 35 lbs.
The Easy Travel Elite Scooter is designed to fit in small enclosures, so traveling with it is always a pleasure.

Elite can be easily placed in the back of a car, at your side on a train or a bus, or checked into a plane. The Elite travels anywhere!
  • Quick and powerful, yet safe and stable.
  • Folds easily and quickly. No need to bend or lift heavy parts.
  • Ergonomically designed for comfort and functionality
  • Detach the battery pack and carry inside for recharging.
  • Great for indoors and outdoors. Wheels are non-marking and never go flat.
  • 3 wheel mobility scooter

🔴Tzora Elite 3 wheel mobility Electric Scooter Is not covered by insurance or Medicaid🔴

Technical information

Carrying capacity: 250 lb-115 kg

Width: 22 inch-57 cm

Height: 36 inch-91.5 cm

Total Weight: 62 lbs-34 kg

Folded(vertical): 31x22x19 inch-80x57x49 cm

Front column: 22 lbs-10 kg

Rear frame: 32 lbs-15 kg

Battery Range: up to 8 miles-up to 13 km

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